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Latest update: 22/11/2021 13:22:54

Oomi Kogyosho Co.,Ltd.

Our products are used in various industrial fields all over the world, from forging machines, machine tools, and textile machines to industrial robots.

We are a machine processing manufacturer for products such as industrial machinery and equipment. We provide integrated services from welding, painting, and assembly to packaging, from large assembly parts for industrial machinery and equipment over 5,000 mm to small parts such as pins and shafts as small as 10 mm.

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Examples of products
Our company has been committed to manufacturing a wide range of parts for forging machines, machine tools, textile machines, and other industrial machines to meet the needs of our customers. They are made in many shapes and sizes, from very small machined parts as small as 10 mm to assembly products consisting of multiple components over 5000 mm. Here are some examples of the supplied parts we have manufactured.

[Forging machinery related products]
We can provide components and assemblies for presses of any size, from presses as large as a building to compact presses. In particular, we handle assemblies of various parts for the main functional devices of presses, such as crowns, slides, uprights, die cushions, and moving bolsters.

[Machine tool related products]
We supply components for machine tools that produce precision parts. We excel at processing from machining and sheet metal welding to assembly and painting, and have been responding to the needs of various manufacturers.

[Products related to other industries]
We support a variety of genres, such as textile machinery, industrial robots, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, and food machinery, and we also take orders for commissioned design and manufacturing of equipment lines or associated parts. We are not bound by industry borders, and we make proposals about supplying a wide range of customers with high-quality, reasonably priced parts.
Doing business with us
We have a track record of supplying parts to many manufacturers, regardless of the industry.

We will respond to your requirements with reliable quality and short lead times.

We also welcome proposals for a wide range of part procurement needs from companies that can cooperate with our production activities.

We offer a wide range of manufacturing services, from steel materials to machining and heat treatment parts, cutting tools, and consumable parts, so please feel free to contact us.

[To buyers]

We provide parts for various industrial fields such as forging machinery, machine tools, textile machinery, and other equipment related to social infrastructure. We can handle a wide range of genres from machining as well as material and can product procurement, assembly, painting, and surface treatment.

We will make proposals that meet your expectations if you are looking for new business partners to achieve cost reduction, quality improvement, lead time reduction, risk diversification, small lot support, and so on.

[To suppliers]

We consider our suppliers, who support our production activities, to be our important partners. We evaluate and select suppliers fairly and impartially in terms of quality, price, lead time, safety, and compliance, and we request continuous transactions based on a relationship of mutual trust.

From various steel products, processed products, and tools to consumable parts, we are looking forward to active proposals for new business, cost reduction, and the introduction of new functional and high-performance parts.

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