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Latest update: 25/02/2022 13:37:49

Itao Ironworks Co.,Ltd.

We provide mainly leading manufacturers of construction equipment and industrial machinery with a variety of product groups such as functional parts and assembly parts.

We are a manufacturer designing, manufacturing, and selling industrial machinery parts, construction equipment parts, and industrial vehicles. We not only provide underbody parts of construction equipment such as excavators as well as bulldozers and parts of industrial machinery, but also assemble whole vehicles in our company. Since our idlers (underbody parts) are highly reliable, they are incorporated in various types of construction equipment inside and outside Japan.    

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Description of business
We are a company mainly manufacturing underbody parts of construction equipment such as excavators and bulldozers. We have established subsidiaries in foreign countries and have been doing business since, targeting the world's construction equipment market.
Product introduction
[Units of underbody parts of construction equipment, idler assemblies/spring assemblies]
One unit is composed of an idler for supporting the smooth rotation of a crawler track, a spring for absorbing the shock of moving construction equipment, and a grease cylinder for adjusting the tension of the crawler track. We provide our clients with the unit, which fulfills the three functions, for various construction vehicles ranging from ultra small ones to large ones. 
[Underbody parts and small-sized assemblies of small-sized machinery]
We utilize the know-how on underbody parts of construction equipment for other fields. We nurture dedicated technologies, which include the expansion of dedicated parts as well as assemblies, and make maximum use of the merits of the technologies. By doing these, we provide products such as the underbody parts and small-sized assemblies of small-sized machinery.
[Small-sized vehicles (finished vehicles)]
In order to open the way to the future, we expand the variations of assemblies, widen technical areas dedicated to special fields, and utilize the technological capabilities obtained from the technical areas. By doing these, we produce small-sized vehicles. This sales strategy is aimed at obtaining diversified and international users. Each small-sized vehicle undergoes strict operation checks and then, as a finished vehicle, delivered to a client.

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