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Fuji Mfg Co., Ltd.

We are a manufacturer of electric and manual and offer flexible support for custom products

At Fuji Seisaku Group, we contribute to safety and labor-saving by constantly rising to the challenge of creative product development ever since we were the first company in the industry to successfully produce chain lever hoists domestically in 1938. Since then, we have developed a range of cargo handling equipment, including electric and manual winches.
As we are an electric winch manufacturing company, we are able to respond flexibly to requests for nonstandard winches, and we are currently expanding our share of the market for custom-made winches. Please contact us if you need winches with unusual specifications that cannot be met using standard winches. We will consider the most suitable type of winch for your purposes together.

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Examples of original products by Fuji
<Electric winch> Electric silver winch ①
Our electric silver winch is manufactured and sold by the Fuji Works group.
FE series <<Three-phase 200V>> (all-in type for large diameter drums)
Deceleration by epicyclic gears
Advanced electrical components
Equipped with high-performance electromagnetic brakes
Lift control device (optional)
SX series (single phase 100V) (super lightweight and space saving)
Ultralightweight, parallel type
Uses grease for lubrication
High-end built-in motors
Uses high-performance electromagnetic brakes
Easy rope attachment method
Clutch mechanism (optional)
*As this product uses a direct operation method as standard, a separate control circuit is required when extending the cord or using an external limit switch.
*Please contact us before installation as there may be issues with drain hole positioning and amount of grease used.
<<Simple small electric winch>> Makubee series (single-phase 100V) (The Makubee series are ultra-light, simple, and small electric winches that are suitable for light work)
Built-in overload prevention clutch
Double brake system with a mechanical brake and motor-driven braking
Easy operation with a push-button switch (a 2-speed type is also available)
Uses a quiet DC magnet motor
Includes a thermo patch that can be used for visual monitoring of temperature rises in the motor
*As the brake is mechanical, it will not work for reverse winding or horizontal pulling. (Please use our Makuzo Taro winches for horizontal work.)
*As this winch is intended for light work and short lifts, its time rating is 5 min. Please note that continuous use beyond this limit will result in motor burnout.
*Please contact us before installation as there may be issues with the amount of oil needed etc.
<<Electric winches for horizontal endless work>> Makuzo Taro (Full of functions that are needed for opening and closing tents and curtains!)
The drum features two endless wire stoppers.
Holes are provided on the drum to allow the tip of the wire to be easily dealt with.
Equipped as standard with a lift control device that is easy to adjust.
This product is for indoor use and is installed vertically (on the drum).
The winding length is 10m. We also offer a 15m option.
*This product is for indoor use; therefore, please install it in places where it will not be exposed to rain, wind, snow, or fog.
*This product is intended for vertical installation; therefore, please consult us in advance for other installation types.
<Electric winch> Electric silver winch ②
<Special specifications: electric winches> (We are able to design and manufacture a variety of special specifications upon request.)
[Specification example]
Electrical components and terminal block mounting specifications can be connected directly to the customer’s control circuit In the case of FE, the main body can be used instead of a terminal box.
Inverter control is recommended for variable speed. However, please contact us in advance as the speed range and capacity are limited.
We design and manufacture various traversers.
A cantilever capstan drum provides convenient withdrawal. (TX/SX/LX)
Wireless operation is possible via a weak/specified low power radio station.  This can be installed on any model.
Can be used as a hoist with electric trolleys, gear trolleys or plain trolleys. Structural features such as cranes can be implemented depending on the type of usage. Please contact us in advance.
Other products
TX series (three-phase 200V)
LX series (three-phase 200V)
LX series LX850
GX-305/410 electric winches for lifting nets
Electric winches for lifting nets
・GXW-305/410 forced descent winch
Small electric hoists and small electric chain blocks
Silver hoist VX series (single phase 100V)
Wire rope type small hoist (lightweight type and thin type)
Built-in overload prevention clutch
Power generation from mechanical brake and motor (reliable dual brakes with combination braking)
Hook with an overload warning display (PAT.P)
With over-winding prevention device and reverse winding prevention device
Lightweight and rainproof type (aluminum casting/synthetic resin)
Thin design which is convenient for indoor works
10-m operating cord
Convenient scaffolding pipe hook (optional)
“Small electric chain block” Silver mini MX series (single phase 100V) High speed chain block “Single phase 100V” (high efficiency and enhanced safety functions, lightweight. and thin design)
High speed provided by high-output motor 
Small load/rain-proof and thin design
Equipped with a slip-clutch mechanism for hanging and overwind prevention
Reliable double braking using mechanical braking and dynamic braking in the motor
Preprepared standard products with lifts of 6 m and 15 m (however, the chain box must be changed when the lift is 15 m)  
Equipped with a glass tube fuse that protects the electric circuit from abnormal overcurrent (externally replaceable)
With a thermo patch that provides a visual indicator for controlling temperature rises in the motor
<Manual winch> Portable winch
<<Standard 3 Series>>
PNW series (with reliable and secure double brake pawls)
Uses a double brake pawl, wherein one pawl engages when the other leaves the surface of the ratchet. This makes it safe as the brake pawl will never disengage under any circumstance. As no springs are used, it is quiet and the wear on the meshing parts is extremely low, which makes it a highly durable brake.
PSW series (Reliable noiseless brake mechanism)
We use our unique horseshoe springs with a proven 30-year track record, and the brake pawl is separated from the ratchet desk during winding, which means it is almost silent and the winch is noiseless. Moreover, it is a safe mechanism which cannot slip under vibration, unlike the free wheel type and roller clutch type winches supplied by other companies. It is ideal for use in places where noise is regulated, such as in theaters and hospitals.
Option (transparent brake cover): We offer transparent brake covers that allow easier inspection of the brake mechanism.
PRW series (uses a PNW type ratchet handle and mechanical brake for <return + rotation>)
As this is a ratchet-type handle, it can be wound and unwound by turning it to the left or right. A switching lever is used to switch the work. It can be used even in narrow spaces where the handle cannot be rotated 360 degrees, or installed directly on a wall or floor. It also allows 360 degree rotation.
<<Rust-resistant 3 series>>
SSW series (stainless steel winches with strong rust resistance)
We use high-grade SUS304 wherever possible on our full-scale stainless steel winches, body casings, drums, gear covers, and handles, which have been designed with an emphasis on rust prevention, as well as stainless steel ball bearings, screws, and bolts.
The internal components, such as gears and mechanical brakes, are made of stronger materials than stainless steel. (The ratchet is made from bronze foundry CAC408)
The brake cover and handle are made of weather-resistant plastic.
Coated finish
SSW-buff series (untarnished, all stainless steel shine)
A high-class additional specification for the SSW series that uses stainless steel for the brake cover, ratchet, and handle grip and has been beautifully polished with a #400 buff finish.
Ideal for pharmaceutical/chemical/food related facilities and indoor pools that require a clean environment.
PZW series (hot dip galvanized plating with high rust resistance)
The body casing, drum, gear cover, and handle are plated to increase rust resistance, and the handle handles and screws are made of SUS.
The brake cover and handle are made of weather-resistant plastic.
An easy-to-use model that combines the advantages of stainless winches with the inexpensive PNW series.
It is capable of supporting high loads of between 1500 kg and 2100 kg, which are not possible with the SSW/SSW-BUFF series. (Note: manufactured to order)
Other products
Small winches
Excellent Series
QW/SS Series
Hand winches
Winches for special work
Special type winches
<Chain lever hoist>
8S series Fuji Puller (combines three features by being lightweight, robust, and having high performance. Complies with JIS standards. )
Braking phenomenon and reduction 
Our unique idling device
Main frame made of high-tensile steel
High-grade alloy steel gears used
Clear release device (PAT.P)
Rewind switching device (PAT.P)
Eco-friendly non-pollution brake plate
High-class V-class chain
Link chain stop with hook and link chain gauge function
Hand-friendly rubber grip
Strong and deep hook
Bottom hook for safe work
Mini-Fuji Puller (Small and lightweight). Provides sufficient power. Robustness is also high strength, in accordance with JIS. )
Features of M-250
Completely closed brake cover
Rust-resistant plated chain
Easy-to-use hook
Easy-to-use one-touch idling device
Features of the M-500
Completely closed brake cover
Rust-resistant plated chain
Easy-to-use hook
Easy-to-use one-touch idling device
Integrated handwheel that protects the shaft end
Link chain stop with gauge function
Stopper visible from the outside



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