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Latest update: 01/11/2021 13:01:53

Asahi sosetsu Co.,Ltd.

We have built many machines that cook various popular foods, from your favorite shops' fried chicken and hamburgers to famous salad chicken.

Our company is a manufacturer of commercial food processing and cooking machines. Our products, which comprehensively support the cooking process from start to finish, are used at convenience stores, school lunches, and major food manufacturer factories. We have established about 30 customer support bases in Japan and are actively building a global network to expand overseas.

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Fried food always tastes good when the oil is clean.

Delicious fried foods require fresh, clean oil in addition to the flavor and freshness of the ingredients. With its focus on low oil consumption and frying theory, the HI-COOK fryer has built up a track record and trust in the school lunch industry and major food industry over the 60 years since the fryer was invented.
The secret to good taste is the high heat of a distant fire.

The high heat of a distant fire is the secret to the delicious taste of grilled food, and the origin of Japanese food culture is the sunken hearth. We scientifically analyzed grilling and combined it with steam to realize customized specifications as a HI-COOK grilling oven. Please leave it to the HI-COOK oven, which continues to master both flavor and browning.
Powdering Machine
The batter is delicately applied, almost by hand.

HI-COOK's coating machine allows for delicate battering that is similar to handwork. The key to its deliciousness is its savory texture that keeps the flavor of the fried ingredients intact. We offer a full line of coating machines for different ingredients such as flour, batter, and breadcrumbs.
This is a lineup of deliciousness.

With the Japan-born HI-COOK, we have made environmental management a top priority in our efforts to protect the environment. By developing and manufacturing oil smoke removal equipment, cooling sedimentation filtration tanks, exhaust cleaning equipment, and other peripheral equipment for food processing and cooking, we will continue to pass on to the next generation that good food is produced in a good environment.

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