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From the town of glasses to the face of the world.

We are proficient in designing and planning products ranging from eyeglasses to wearables. By cooperating with subcontract factories in Sabae City, we perform in-depth research on eyeglasses. The research contents include the feeling of wearing eyeglasses, the pursuance of their fashionability, and new technical innovation. Through the research, we develop products with which customers can experience the merits of Japanese products and provide the customers with the best quality products.

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Since 1984, the year in which BOSTON CLUB Co., Ltd. was founded, we, a company designing and planning eyeglass frames, have produced many OEM products of apparel manufacturers and eyeglasses trading companies. By utilizing the experience, in 1996 we announced the eyeglasses brand "JAPONISM", the eyeglasses of which are backed by the world-class production technologies of Sabae City and are made in Japan, at Loft shops. "JAPONISM" represents "eyeglass frames whose natural shapes incorporate function." The frames are simple but have a presence. Furthermore, they are not only stylish, but also combined with functionality, practicality, and the essence of playfulness.
*JAPONISM is derived from a movement at the end of the 19th century called "Japonism (written in Japanese katakana)", in which Japanese art influenced Western art, Western fashion, and so on.
"BCPC", a brand that makes proposals to customers who regard eyeglasses as a fashion item, started in 1998. As the brand name (*) indicates, the eyeglasses of the brand embody the ideas which we thought are interesting. The eyeglass frames are not an uninteresting vision correction apparatus. Rather, they are a kind of fashion item, and they represent the concepts of making you feel good once you have one, of allowing you to change them, and of making you enjoy wearing them.
*BCPC:BOSTON CLUB Pleasure Collection
"BOSTON CLUB" is the brand bearing the name of our company in 1984 in which it was founded and started producing eyeglasses. A cell winding type that is very rare today. A frame with engraved patterns. A preppy jump-up design that is a casual version of a traditional style. A frame composed of metal and plastic. We have brought back the somewhat loose and classical style, which is represented by such features as the above ones and which was popular among young people in those days, under the new brand "BOSTON CLUB". We propose new Japanese traditional eyeglasses that utilize the old metal molds as well as drawings which have been kept for approx. 30 years in the company and that are made in Japan.

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