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We support society with gear technology.

We are a manufacturer of gear transmissions that exquisitely incorporate our original gear technologies. We undertake the whole process from development to sale. We manufacture and sell worm reduction gears, screw jacks, bevel gears, rotary stockers, etc., which we provide to society. The worm reduction gears are our main products. The screw jacks can be used over a wide load range and accurately control position, and the bevel gears are used as a power splitting system in various industrial machines. The rotary stockers can contribute to facilitating stock management.

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Some installation examples
Advanced hi-tech industries
・ Rocket conveyance: Lifting a rocket onto a launching pad
・ Parabolic antenna: Digital-controlled adjustment of antenna angles
・ Solar power panel angle adjustment: Automatic adjustment of panel angles to improve power generation efficiency
・ MRI nuclear magnetic head operation: Low-noise and high-accuracy positioning of magnetic heads
[Planetary reduction gears]
・ Semiconductor wafer conveyance: High-precision positioning and conveyance of wafers
Manufacturing industries
[Planetary reduction gears]
・ Wrapping machinery positioning: Positioning of wrapping paper for printing
[Worm reduction gears]
・ Ironmaking roller equipment: High-durability winding process for rolling-mill rolls
・ Printer feed correction: Correction of the feed position accuracy of objects to be printed
・ Stirring machinery for food products: High-torque stirring of high-viscosity food ingredients
Basic infrastructure
・ Stage equipment: Smooth and silent lifting up and down
・ Underground drainage systems: Opening and closing of emergency doors at the time of disaster
[Worm reduction gears]
・ Stage equipment: Smooth lifting up and down of curtains
・ Waste water tanks: High-torque and -durability stirring of wastewater tanks
・ Home use elevators: Safe lifting of gondolas
・ Opening and closing of domed stadiums: Low-noise opening and closing of domes

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