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Latest update: 27/04/2022 09:22:31

Office FA COM Co., Ltd. 

Evolving manufacturing with state-of-the-art digital factories

We, Office and Group, provide factory automation system solutions and industrial engineering solutions to improve the production efficiency of our customers. We provide integrated and comprehensive services from upstream to downstream, from R & D, system design, hardware & software design, manufacturing, assembly, testing, logistics, and local start-up education services. We aim to grow into a global company that works on DX implementation in the manufacturing industry.

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Automation solutions
As a leading company in the FA industry, we are a one-stop-shop for everything that is required for automation, regardless of the type of business or sector, from planning conception to production processing, manufacturing and assembly, introduction, and construction negotiations.
We operate in a wide range of areas from line building with a scale of 100 million yen to mounting individual devices for 10 million yen or less. We handle cutting-edge equipment regardless of the manufacturer’s country of origin.

■ Robotics
As an independent robot systems integrator, we offer support for both large and small robots from industrial robots to collaborative robots to the latest JAVA-compatible robots designed for use in Industry 4.0. This is because of the thickness of the engineered layer. We have more than 100 dedicated engineers who can support products from all manufacturers both domestic and overseas. These robots can also be seen in our showroom, the Smart Factory Conductor Labo, where we showcase the latest Robot x IoT technologies.

■ Vision
Our strength lies in our familiarity with almost all image processing manufacturers and our mastery of their products. In addition to using image processing systems from manufacturers such as Cognex, OMRON, and KEYENCE, we are also capable of developing unique systems that make full use of image processing libraries such as VisionPro and HALCON. We realize optimal solutions with an unbiased perspective, regardless of the manufacturer.

■ Fuzzy control
Fuzzy control makes possible the automation of operations that need empirical human knowledge, such as vehicle and air conditioner speed control. Our concept design uses conventional control methods to overcome the drawbacks of fuzzy control while making full use of our high technological capabilities to allow flexible control.

■ Logistics
We offer work automation by combining palletizing and depalletizing in logistics with AGV. Our solutions are compatible with various types of AGV such as electromagnetic induction type, magnetic induction type, and autonomous induction type and can be used by any manufacturer. Furthermore, you can see the cutting edge of logistics, such as these AGVs, at our logistics center, which can handle 3PL for your company.

■ IoT
Virtual optimization simulations for production lines and related processes. A “digital twin” that implements the results of the simulation debugging to provide optimized results in the actual field. We are pioneers in the introduction of this technology, which is gaining attention as a way to connect industries, and are actively promoting the conversion of factories to IoT.
Medical solutions
In recent years, we have been making full use of the technical capabilities that we have cultivated in FA solutions in the medical field, which is becoming increasingly digital, and have been promoting environmental improvements at medical sites.

In addition to being able to share patient information within the hospital in real time, we have also created an ideal environment for sharing medical information between regions through cooperation with regional medical care.

■  Clinical information cooperation system
Clinics, nursing facilities, large hospitals, and home medical treatment. We develop systems that display medical information from a variety of different electronic medical charts in chronological order on a single screen that can be used in multiple medical institutions.  As a result, medical services can be provided on a continuous basis, which enables medical institutions to operate more efficiently and reduces medical costs. 

■ Electronic medical record
An electronic medical record that unifies medical information and enables real-time sharing of medical examination information, which could not be achieved with paper medical records. We are developing an optimal electronic medical record based on the technology that we have cultivated in FA solutions to promote the improvement of the medical environment through features such as optimal diagnosis, work efficiency, and paperless operation.
Logistics solutions
We are not just involved in physical distribution, but we are also well-versed in ideal logistics and we provide optimal solutions using our rational and integrated strategic logistics systems to support our customers’ operational efficiency.

In addition, we propose and build logistics systems, and plan, execute, and manage efficient flows in logistics operations and logistics robotics by closely following our customers’ sales and business strategies.

■ System distribution by 3PL
We offer optimal proposals/constructions using our experience in various logistics workplaces such as BtoB, BtoC, CtoC, and mixed types. Proposals from overall optimization and proposals from partial optimization. We can optimize the logistics of the customer by constructing, operating, and controlling the ideal operation and system for the customer, irrespective of the situation.

■ Construction of logistics systems
Based on our original WMS (warehouse management system) and regardless of industry and the items being handled, we provide systems that can meet a wide variety of requirements and provide basic modules that cover the necessary management items with minimum cost and short delivery times. In addition to computer systems, we also offer proposals for structure creation that support the people who work at logistics sites and offer rationalization of logistics.

■ Logistics consulting
Survey and analysis of the current logistics operations of customers to improve the logistical efficiency.  By highlighting issues and problems to customers and rebuilding their operations and systems, we implement standardization, leveling, and simplification with a focus on the specific site, regardless of whether the rationalization is large- or small-scale. Also, using our judgment to decide what needs to be performed immediately and what can be performed systematically, we contribute to dramatic improvements in the logistics efficiency.

■ Smart logistics
We utilize robots and automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) to achieve accurate warehouse management and efficient transport networks. Even in this smart logistics area, we offer support for any manufacturer in a variety of formats. Furthermore, we aim to further improve the efficiency of logistics by making full use of wearable devices such as smart glasses and AI-driven robots.


Last update:27/04/2022

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