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Latest update: 03/04/2020 16:37:17

Unicast Inc.

We continue to be a team that delivers value from our region to the world.

We offer proposals to facilitate business by utilizing advanced technologies such as machining learning (AI), robotics, and IoT. We provide various IT solutions, such as Company Reception for Sota, which automates the front desks of shops or small-scale facilities, and BCP-based infrastructure development.

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Sales Pitch

Our mission is to create an exciting world.
Company Reception for Sota changes the style of working from front desks.
■ Product features
・ Smart front desk based on face authentication
・ Access management through issuance and reading of QR codes
・ Various means of notification, such as a notification app, chat tool, and internal phones
・ Track records linked with ticket dispensers, electronic locks, etc.

■ Product advantages
The product can facilitate and automate the front desk of a company to reduce its front desk work. In addition, Sota provides instructions to visitors who are not used to using the front desk system, so that they can use it easily.

■ Installation examples
・ Office entrances
・ Shop counters

■ Expected applications
Automation of front desks of shops or small-scale facilities
Development of infrastructures to protect business from disaster
We propose optimal operation plans for IT infrastructure to provide protection and to make the best use of customers' precious IT assets.

[Features of services]

■ Fully managed hosting
Customer: "The support office doesn't respond or sends us into a bureaucratic maze. It's troublesome to enter the control panel and change settings."
At times like these, we can respond quickly if you contact our customer support staff or engineers by phone or email.

■ Data center to support customers' business
Customer: "We are operating mission-critical services, so we are concerned about accident and disaster. We want to operate the services even if disaster occurs."
In order to solve such a problem, we have multiple data centers in Japan. We also have a track record in infrastructure development that considers a BCP (business continuity plan).

■ Flexible partnership
Customer: "We have an IT infrastructure business but we lack staff capable of undertaking it. We develop websites, so we are looking for a reliable partner to whom we can entrust maintenance and operation."
We provide support for customers who are considering transferring their IT infrastructure business. Also, we serve as an agency for website development firms or system integrators.
We work as a team with customers to solve issues using technologies.
We work as one team with customers to solve business issues using technological means.

■ Web sites/services
Search system for properties for rent/sale,
Order reception prediction system for housing sales,
Online cleaning system,

■ Mobile applications
Stamp rally application,
Hardware control application,
Sensor data collection and analysis application,

■ Robot applications
Customization of our own services,
Robot introduction consulting,
OEM of other companies' services,

■ Introduction support for the latest technologies
We provide support ranging from decision-making on introducing state-of-the-art technologies, such as machine learning (AI), robotics, and IoT, to developing and operating practical services.

■ Expansion of IT services through collaboration
We serve as a technical collaboration partner for customers who are considering new business utilizing IT, and we work as one with the customers to help them promote the business.

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