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Latest update: 28/05/2021 13:23:09


A top domestic automatic titrator brand, founded in 1943

An integrated in-house system for integrated operation, from the design and development of automatic titrators, Karl Fischer moisture measurement equipment, mercury measurement equipment, TOC measurement equipment, machine processing, inspection, and shipping to repairs. Using the development capabilities and technological skill that have earned us high praise, we also develop and manufacture OEM products, such as medical equipment and online devices.

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In-house developed products
Automatic titrator
“Titration” is a method that is used to determine the concentration of a solvent using other solvents with concentrations that have already been determined.
In manual analysis titration, regents are dropped on a burette, and the result is determined by changes in the color of the indicator.
HIRANUMA’s automatic titrator automates everything from the dropping to results determination.
The use of adaptive electrodes and titrators enables us to perform various types of titration.
Moisture measuring device
Karl Fischer reaction moisture meters enable high-precision moisture measurement.
Depending on the status of the Karl Fischer reagents, either coulometric or volumetric titration method can be used.
Hiranuma Co., Ltd., provides the AQ/MOICO Series for coulometric titration methods and the AQV/MOIVO Series for volumetric titration methods.
The coulometric titration method is used to accurately measure moisture of a few ppm and the volumetric method is used to measure samples with high moisture content.
Mercury measuring device
Mercury measurement based on reduction vaporization that complies with various public methods, such as the IS K 0102 factory drainage testing method and drinking water testing methods. 
You can choose from a wide variety of test solution types that comply with various public methods and automatic cycler structure types, such as our small liquid amount (5mL) type.
Total Organic Carbon measuring device (TOC meter)
“Oxidized titanium photocatalytic oxidation method” in TOC measurement is a method to oxidize organic substances in CO2, in which organic substances are added to a suspension with oxidized titanium, which is then stirred while being aerated and exposed to safe, near-ultraviolet radiation (primary wavelength of 380 nm). [This method is employed in drinking water testing]
Process titrator
The target component concentration of a process solution is automatically analyzed on the manufacturing line using titrator methods. This reduces the amount of effort required for process and concentration management analysis, enabling more efficient manufacturing.
It makes it possible to add dispensing pumps and burettes for sampling according to the sample characteristics and line morphology, as well as enabling sampling from multiple lines, reagent addition, and sequential titration.
The key characteristic is its flexibility in customization, such as through the addition and expansion of various alarms and signal outputs to meet customers’ requests.
Prices shall be estimated each time according to detailed specifications. (Manufactured to order)