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Latest update: 12/01/2021 18:53:14

Softners Inc.

We support business successions through the “visualization” of the company president’s ideas.

We are a company that supports the development, operation, and efficiency improvement of office software. We specialize in helping to “visualize” the mind of the current company owner to conduct smooth business successions. We propose appropriate office functions for your company.

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Sales Pitch

Business content/features/appeal points
Business content/features
[Business content]
Development, development support, design, and sales of corporate office software.
Development, sales, and maintenance of business management package software for LP gas retailers.
Sales and maintenance of computer equipment
Information processing service industry

・Business process succession ~ We assist with the succession of business processes.
  “I am in line to succeed my parents but do not know what type of partners are involved in the business.”
  Methods for document creation and billing are different for each customer, making checking work difficult.
  For these problems, how about using “Business Process Succession” provided by Softeners?
・We support business succession by “visualization” of the company president’s mind
  Many who are in line to succeed a business have worked for a company in the city,
  and then return to their family region to take over the family business.
  In these cases, many successors find it difficult because they are unfamiliar with how work is conducted within the business.
  The current president builds up customer trust over many years. But what type of customers are there? What type of transactions? How are the sales?
  If information like this remains within the presidents’ head, the successor cannot take over these trusting relationships.
  Softeners supports smooth succession of businesses by “visualizing” 
  the company president’s mind.
  We also review inefficiencies and propose improvements to the workflow itself.
Appealing points
 What Softeners Inc. offers
  ・Proposals for methods and systems that improve the efficiency of office work
    We make easily understood proposals not only for system construction but also for efficient work flows. 
  ・Construction of made-to-order systems that require very little manual input
    We build systems that reduce input work and errors, by implementing measures such as using a selection method instead of manual input.
  ・Platform unification
    We can reduce the amount of required hand-written work as much as possible by unifying the formats for invoices and quotations, which had previously been different for each customer.
Message from the representative
The three main causes for selecting Softeners Inc. are as follows:

1. We listen to our customers’ business content
  We make best use of the expertise we have accumulated so far, and propose systems that best suit our customers.

2. Immediate response via remote control
  After a meeting in person, we provide access to our systems efficiently by connecting to the customer’s PC via the internet.

3. Inheritance of data accumulated by spreadsheet software
  You can use data from data sheets that were accumulated before installation of our system.