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Ibaraki Giken Limited

Better than anywhere else, faster than anywhere else,

We are also using our site in Manila to build a flexible production system. Our products and technologies play an active role in the precision electronic parts industry and are used in applications such as automobiles, TVs, and parts for advanced electronics. We use our integrated production system that covers everything from prototype to mass production to offer high quality, short delivery times, and low costs.

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Sales Pitch

HLP™ (localized plating)
Original technology for forming metal films by sintering metal nanoparticle paste with lasers. Plating is only applied where it is needed,
 which saves resources.
The material that is used to form the passivation film can also be processed through gold plating and has good adhesion without the need for undercoating of nickel or similar materials. 
Productivity is excellent because pressing and plating are performed as part of the same process.
HLP™ has a low environmental impact because it does not require special chemicals for treatments and produces no waste liquid.
 It is an ecological technology.
HLP High Speed Laser Mekki™ System “HLP-DCL100”
This is a device that forms a metal film by sintering metal nanoparticle paste with a laser.
Material consumption can be minimized because coating and film formation can be performed only where necessary.
With conventional furnace firing, film can form even on a copper substrate, which has a large thermal effect.

Laser sintering type on-demand film forming equipment.
Film formation is possible on a wide range of metallic materials such as standard steel materials.
Processing is possible in the air or in an inert gas atmosphere.
The comfortable user interface can be operated using the touch panel screen.
Efficient experiments are made possible by process monitoring.
Compact desktop design.
Automatic multifaceted measuring instrument
The product set is automatically measured from four directions and a highly accurate measurement result is reported.

As measurement of the product is automatically performed from four directions at once, high-precision measurement is possible without the need for attaching and detaching.
By saving the image data, past products can be reverified.
Uses a reference calibration to monitor measurement changes and stabilize measurement results.
A high-performance lens realizes deep depth of focus, prevents focus unevenness, and enables highly accurate measurement results.
After the measurement is completed, process trend analysis is performed to immediately detect process abnormalities.
As the measurement error due to manual work is suppressed to a low level, field workers can perform high-precision measurement that is equivalent to professional inspectors.
As measurement records are automatically saved, workload such as manual input is reduced.
In a network environment, measurement data can be viewed from other PC terminals in the network.
Measurement of one product is completed in approximately 1 min. (From product set to measurement data output)
In-line image inspection system Ver. 2
The product is installed on the line and uses image sensors to automatically measure and inspect it.
Easily viewed across 19 monitors
Can be installed in narrow spaces.
Isolated type can be installed on automatic winders.
Longitudinal winding can also be done through machines.
Inspection can be done without twisting.
Cleaning equipment for hoop products
The products that are output from the press machine are continuously washed in the hoop state.

Our original guide roller makes it possible to send hoop products in a stable condition, regardless of the carrier position (front or back).
Easy operation and all-in-one packages that can be used on the day of installation.
Automatic twin winding device
The product output from the press machine is wound in synchronization with the feed rate.
Winds in sync with the launch speed of the press.
Automatic sample collection (up to 150 mm) and automatic winding function.
One-push extra winding function with slip sheet pasting.
Rewinding function for the slip sheet can be set by specifying the number of seconds
Involution assistance function
Easy installation of our in-line image sensor

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