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Latest update: 30/09/2021 18:41:55

Moden Kogyo Co.,Ltd.

We design and construct electrical equipment and facilities
We possess advanced technical capabilities, and are one of the most experienced manufacturers in Chiba Prefecture. We have built up solid trust in our history of over fifty years, and safely, quickly, and reliably satisfy customer needs.

We are constantly conducting research to provide our customers with highly reliable equipment for electrical installation work in all types of construction and plant-related facilities, including office buildings, department stores, hotels, hospitals, welfare facilities (homes for the elderly), residences, and factories.

In addition to new construction projects and expansion works, we also satisfy customer needs for renewal work to improve functions in existing equipment. We cover work from equipment diagnosis to planning, proposals, design, construction, and maintenance. We make full use of our technical expertise and other resources to create electrical equipment for the 21st century.

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Various kinds of electrical equipment works, from office buildings to plant-related facilities
Works for various facilities
Special high-voltage power receiving and transforming equipment
Power receiving equipment
Private power generation equipment
Storage battery equipment
Central monitoring equipment
Power equipment
Power outlets and related equipment for lighting fixtures
Stage lighting and related equipment
Lightning rods and related equipment
Examples of works
Public facilities (Makuhari Messe, Katsuura City Hall buildings, Chosei-mura Cultural Hall, etc.)
Educational facilities (Chiba Keizai University, Chiba Municipal Inage Senior High School, Sakura City Sanno Elementary School, etc.) 
Factories and warehouses (Ohtsuka Co., Ltd. Chiba Works, Azmax Corp. Ibaraki Works, Ihara Construction Industry Co., Ltd. Chiba Office, etc.)
Hospitals and welfare facilities (Kimitsu Chuo Hospital, Sanno Hospital, Narita Rehabilitation Hospital, etc.)
Hotels and accommodations (Kominato Hotel Mikazuki, Asahi Postal Life Insurance Recuperation Center, etc.)
Halls and offices (South Kanto Bicycle Competition Hall, Chiba Prefecture Shinren Clerical Center, etc.)
Recreational facilities (Shisui Chibikko Tengoku, Kao Country Club, Chosei-gun Hot Water Center Swimming Pool, etc.)
Environmental, water supply and sewage, instrumentation (Idemitsu Tomakomai Refinery Package, Mobara City Garbage Processing Facility, Hanami River No. 2 Terminal Processing Plant Incinerator, etc.)
Outdoor equipment (Narita International Airport Runway A, East Kanto Automotive Road, Southeast Chiba Kamatori Town Center Road Lighting, etc.)
Other (photovoltaic power generation equipment, commercial facilities, financial institutions, condominiums and other residential buildings)