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Latest update: 15/11/2019 15:56:43

Mochida Corporation

We are aiming to be a company that satisfies all our customers.

Our polymeric compounds business offers original products that meet customer requirements. We pursue higher customer satisfaction by improving cost-effectiveness with our proprietary manufacturing process of silicone sheets.

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Introduction to business content, products and technology etc.
Business content, characteristics
Our Polymeric Compounds Division makes the full use of its abundant knowledge and experience regarding thermal conductivity, flexibility and flame retardant properties. We are aggressively enhancing the cost-effectiveness of our wireless equipment and LED lighting apparatus businesses. Our Silicone Rubber Roll Division provides customers in many manufacturing industries with rubber rolls, belts and sheets made of materials such as fluorine and silicon which have non-viscosity, demolding properties, heat resistance, mirror surface properties, slippage property and/or dissolving resistance.
Summary of products and technology
We offer high-polymer products such as silicone thermal release sheets, TG sheets, IT sheets and Elemac sheets. The Silicone Rubber Roll Division manufactures silicone rubber rolls mainly for optical films, films for building materials, packaging films, wrapping films, films for hygiene products and adhesive tapes. We provide our fiber products to inner and outer clothing makers as MRO (maintenance, repair and operations) items. We also assist with processing.
Towards matching
No matter how the times change, we believe that we should always return to our founding spirit and that all employees should work together as one team with the mottos of “always open up new paths,” “always walk the right path” and “do your best inn everything”, which is the way to live up to our customers’ and society’s expectations. Even if there are times when you can't win in the flow of time, the efforts to never lose and never give up will lead to a result that will please customers. We are going to do our best and look forward to your support and encouragement.

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