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Latest update: 20/08/2020 18:21:58

SEtech Co., Ltd. 

We have developed a camera with 3 lenses (bird-eye, insect-eye, and fish-eye)

When we received the NEDO-SUI subsidy in FY2016, we started to develop a camera that records only when necessary and a camera sensor that does not produce images. We have 22 patents registered domestically and overseas, and we are developing our licensing business. Our invisible camera is the lightest (1 mgr) camera in the world.

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Sales Pitch

Introduction of business content and an outline of products/technology
Business content/characteristics
We are utilizing our experience in developing image sensors to develop sensor cameras that operate only when there is movement in a specific area. We have commercialized this technology in energy-efficient surveillance/monitoring systems that reduce stress both for those doing the monitoring and those being monitored. This technology can be applied in nursing care for the elderly, among other situations. It is also effective as a security system, and if an SE camera is installed as a surveillance camera in a certain area, then it will not display an image in real time, showing still images only when an intruder is detected in a specific area of the camera’s vision (for example, restricted areas). This makes it possible to record the movements of burglars and suspicious persons. Unlike a surveillance camera that constantly outputs videos, this product outputs only when there is movement. This gives it the advantages of easy processing for created data and small data capacity requirements.
Overview of main products and technologies
Utilizing image processing and sensor technology, it is also possible to track moving objects with multiple linked SE cameras. The system is triggered when there is movement in the setting area and outputs a specified number of still images with a time stamp through the internet at specified time intervals. As the amount of information is small as it is only multiple still images and not videos, multiple cameras can be linked, and the current position of the moving object can be known by connecting the still images in time series. For example, this has applications such as tracking the movement routes of building residents once the building’s door is opened.
Message from the representative (Initiatives for future market development with an intention to utilize J-GoodTech)
We are using the subsidy to develop a range of camera/image sensors that are capable of judgment such as our imageless camera: bird's eye, imageless camera: insect eye, and imageless camera: fish eye.  For example, cameras that do not display an image that are used as sensors and cameras that display an image only when there is movement in a specific area (for example, a restricted area) and automatically turn off the system afterward. By providing sensors and cameras with those features, we aim for benefits such as stress reduction in both the people doing the monitoring and the people being monitored, energy saving, information volume reduction, miniaturization, and cost reduction.