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Latest update: 20/08/2020 18:21:55

Three Rings Inc.

Gathering together all fields of game production from planning to development and operation

Gathering together all fields of game production from planning to development and operation. We plan, develop, and operate all-in-one systems using a stable business model and a large number of specialists in each field, enabling us to offer everything from game production planning/development/operation to new event planning and development.

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Game development
Consumer development
Our products are used by a wide range of creators from veterans who have been involved in game development since the days of the Famicom and Super Famicom to young developers and can be used in the development of almost all consumer games platforms, including PC. In terms of game genres, we have a proven track record in the development of games from all genres, including action, RPG, shooting, adventure, fighting games, sports, and racing. We are also capable of porting between platforms.
Smartphone app development
We are engaged in consigned development of game applications for smartphones. Most of our projects are for major publishers. We are developing various games, including copyrighted titles, which have many users. We have accumulated operational expertise in our smartphone game applications that have been in operation for over a year and have more than 15 million registered users. We also have achievement in overseas operations, which means our applications can be operated worldwide. 
Our strength lies in our total support for planning, development, and operation. We are able to propose and develop games that fit in the universe of the existing work and IP, 
and we offer various post-production operations and consistent management of everything from operations to server management. 
The production of 3D CG models and 2D illustrations can be outsourced, and we are also able to port existing consumer games. 
The everlasting pursuit of interest and excitement
Based on our three visions of amusement, technical capabilities, and services, we continue to pursue the following three ideas: continue the pursuits of as much fun as possible, technical capabilities transform the impossible into possible, and service for our customers. Our mission is to contribute to society as a whole by providing entertainment.