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Latest update: 20/08/2020 18:21:58


We have developed a range of products to suit our customers’ applications from UV-Lamp light source products that emit ultraviolet rays (200–400 nm) to UV-LED light source products that emit single wavelength ultraviolet rays, as well as white LED products and xenon lamps that emit near-infrared rays in the visible spectrum (380–780 nm).

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UV-LED products
Our lineup of UV-LED emission wavelengths is 265, 280, 365, 385, 395, and 405 nm.
The light emitted from the UV-LED is guided by a fiber or is efficiently irradiated onto the target work by our original optical lenses.

<Main usage achievements>
Highlighting resistance in semiconductor/liquid crystal manufacturing
Adhesion of optical parts for camera modules
Precision optical-lens molding
Manufacture of medical equipment and tools
Assembly of precision parts

■ We design and develop UV-LED products that our customers want
We provide many products that are customized based on the desired irradiation area, illuminance, wavelength, and ray angle characteristics.
We offer various types of irradiation such as spot, area, line, and ring and suggest optimum irradiation conditions for the work.
These products are requested by our customers and play an active part in a range of different settings.
LEDs in the D-UV range have also been released in the last few years, which implies that we can now develop products in areas that were previously impossible.
UV-Lamp light sources
UV-lamps have traditionally been used as light sources in the ultraviolet range. In addition, this is a light source that can generate ultraviolet rays in a wide wavelength range that UV-LEDs do not have.
It is used in a wide range of applications including exposure and adhesion, as well as evaluation of chemical reactions and surface treatment.
Special specification light sources that are equipped with 350-, 500-, and 1000-W UV-lamps are also available.
White LED products
Halogen lamps and white LEDs are typical light sources in the visible range.
As the wavelength is visible to the human eye, it is mainly used in inspection processes and image processing.
White LED light sources are used as a substitute for the halogen lights that were used in the past for the visual inspection of product scratches and defects in semiconductor and liquid crystal substrate processes and for various other inspections.