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Technology x Planning and Proposal Capabilities x Speed

We specialize in the manufacture of equipment for labor-saving and automation.
We make full use of mechatronics technology to consistently plan, design, and manufacture production/manufacturing equipment in the fields of food, medical care, and construction. We constantly introduce the latest technologies in response to technological advances, and we aim to establish a corporate structure that helps us to contribute to society. The technology and proposal capabilities that we have accumulated in the 30 years since we were founded have enabled us to achieve a 100% on-time delivery rate.

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For customers looking for such products
Our company designs and manufactures labor-saving and automation equipment.
We have abundant experience and a wealth of achievements in the planning, design, manufacture, and installation of production and manufacturing equipment in a wide range of fields including food, electricity, medical care, and construction.
Our integrated production system makes full use of mechatronics technology to fulfil any customer request from conception to design and production.
Why customers choose our products
Technical ability
 We have been involved in the production of production equipment for a wide range of businesses for 30 years. Therefore, we are confident in the technical capabilities that we have cultivated based on our wealth of achievement and experience.
Planning and proposal capabilities
 Our use of 3D CAD allows us to use 3D data in meetings.
 This makes it easier to share the postcompletion concept with customers and moreover, ensures that the manufacturing process is smooth.
 There is no barrier between the mechanical, electrical, and assembly business divisions, and a smooth and our select group of skilled staff ensure smooth, high-quality mechatronics services.
List of products
We have previously created the following devices.
CCFL Exhaust/Bombarter device-Exhaust device for LCD panel backlights.
Bush & Roller Bin Press-Fit: a fulcrum bush and roller pin press-in machine for use in automobile wipers.
Melt applicator: automatically applies hot melting to automobile headlights and assembles the lenses under pressure.
Automatic inlet assembly device: automatically assembles PlayStation power supplies.
Beading cup laser welding machine: this is an electrode assembly device for the backlights of liquid crystal panels.
FPC carrier set machine: inspection and supply equipment for flexible bases for digital cameras.