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CosmoTechs CO., LTD.

We provide the total solution by making the best use of core technology in relation to motor control.

We are a manufacturer of control equipment, such as the motor control LSI's etc., that is necessary in fields of production, including semiconductor-related business, medical care, and robots. We provide complete support for the handling of customization to OEM's.

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The business and strong points of CosmoTechs Co., Ltd.
■ We solve problems in relation to motor control from various "viewpoints." 
 With our mainstay of the motor control LSI development 
  ・Built-in software development 
  ・Application software development 
  ・Peripheral hardware development 
  ・Stepping servo driver development 
  ・Robot control 
  ・Communication network development 
 with them, we cope with. 

Product type 
・Five-phase driver motor 
・Servo linear motor 
・Stepping servo 
・Measuring instrument 

Field and market of introduction 
・ Semiconductor manufacturing device (pre-process, post-process) 
・Inspection/measurement device 
・Processing machine 
・Medical care/analysis equipment 
・Packaging/packing machine 
・Optical/imaging equipment 
・Packaging machine 
・Industrial robot 

■ The strong points of CosmoTechs Co., Ltd.
 1. Deep knowledge and experience in relation to motor control 
  We are one of the few enterprises in Japan to develop LSI's for motor control as a core. 
2. From coping with specific customization to coping with OEM's 
  We are confident in our thorough support to correspond to the needs of the customers. 
3. A support system that includes the viewpoint of controllers to driver motors 
  We make proposals for the optimum environment for each type of device.
Coping with customization of products
We handle, as standard products, the motor controllers and the stepping drivers that use "PMC Series," the motor control LSI developed by our company; however, standard products, as they are general purpose products, lack some functions and/or may be insufficient for the specifications required for certain purposes. 
Therefore, our company provides our standard products with special specifications so that they will meet the requests of the customers. 
In addition, after we provide special specifications, we support the products in the same way as standard products so that the stable supply and the maintenance of quality are enabled.
Coping with OEM's
CosmoTechs uses the motor control LSI owned by our company, "PMC Series," and the know-how on controlling motors for our motor controller development consigned from the customers.  

■ Passed examples we have handled 
・Want to examine the motor controller specialized for only necessary functions that puts importance on the cost 
・Want the design of a special motor controller that can efficiently embody special control 
・Want proposals for a motor controller that meets the specifications of a device as the device is under examination 
・Want to make consignment with an enterprise that can make endeavors for designing, development, procurement, and production altogether 
・Want to develop a board as anti-copying measures for a device, to hide the programs of the device, and for special functions. And more. 

■ Organizations for designing and development of hardware 
・Designing CPU/FPGA circuits, 
・Designing and verification of FPGA with HDL/VHDL, 
・Designing interfaces of USB/PCI/PCI-Express, 
・Coping with CE standards, EMS tests  
■ Organizations for designing and development of software 
・Device drivers for interfaces, 
・Designing and development of CPU firmware, 
・Functions for board control, API for development support 
・Functions compatible with each OS

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