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Our motto is “machines that are unique in the world.”

We create high performance, reasonably priced machines that meet customer requirements.

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Business content, features, and products.
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・The design, manufacture, and sale of synthetic-resin processing machines

We are not a flashy company; however, we make reliable contributions to society through monozukuri craftsmanship. Sales, design, manufacturing, control operation, and installation are all conducted in-house.
Main products
  Synthetic resin (plastic) film is a long, thin, and flexible medium. Winders are indispensable for continuous molding production lines. The lineup we offer for film production lines embodies our history and experience spanning a half a century, and meets the required conditions for winders: “no wrinkles, good alignment, and maintenance of form during transport.” We hold thorough discussions with our customers regarding usage and various other aspects, which we use to decide the film’s specifications (material, thickness, length). This allows us to propose the most efficient and easy-to-use winding machine to suit the circumstances of each individual manufacturing line. The 2-axis turret method allows for automatic rewinding to be included as standard.

・Bobbinless selvage winder
  A new type of vertical flash winder that winds and collects selvage that is formed during the trimming process that is commonly used in film production lines. 
Any selvage formed is winded around a vertical reel. When finished, the winding reel automatically contracts like an umbrella, the wound roll is dropped, and cut winding is performed automatically. Because rewinding is automatic, it is can be used to handle high-speed lines as well. Also, although a paper core is used in conventional selvage winding, we do not use them, which means that the issue of discarding the paper core does not exist when recycling or disposing of the wound selvage.

・RIG-type haul-off machine
  This reversible haul-off machine makes the folds of a tube film continuous without rotating the die. The displacement of the folds allows for uneven thicknesses in the film to be dispersed in the width direction. It prevents the bunching that is caused by uneven thicknesses in the rolled product, making it possible to obtain high-quality products.
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Please feel free to contact us.

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