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Improve your business with our systems!

We provide services in Yokohama including system development, IT consulting, website production, and programming instructors.

In system development, rather than just making programs that are good enough if they work, we have a reputation for creating screens that are easy to operate and have functions that are truly necessary.

In website production, rather than just creating beautiful pages, we also ask you what you want to do with the site, and listen carefully to your needs and give advice from a marketing perspective.

In IT consulting, we make proposals that fit your situation, such as automating truly simple tasks or proposing a move to free cloud services.

We offer free consultations, so please feel free to contact us.

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Sales Pitch

IT consulting
We think that a great many companies and stores want to improve their operations.
However, we think that many of them are still left without a system in place, considering the time and cost required to implement one.
For example, even when preparing quotations and invoices, they work manually in Excel, but they do the same work every month. Employee work is managed using time cards, which are manually totaled and paid each month, and so on.
If you want to make this automatic, and make it more efficient, please consult us.

In other business, we are also pleased to review websites that have been put up, but are useless. This includes sites that only generate more sales calls but not more inquiries from customers, or those that don’t appear in searches at all and so don’t receive any visits.
With any system, we calculate how much benefit you would gain by installing it. We do not recommend implementing a system without any benefits. This is why there are no unnecessary expenses.
You can rest assured that we will proceed with investigations based on what you really need and whether there are any advantages or disadvantages to having a system in place.
In addition, we will improve your website based on your current needs and research information, as well as what kind of website it should be. We use marketing and psychological concepts to make improvements.
The reason we are chosen over other companies is that we are not just the kind of IT expense where you don’t know what you’re paying for every month.
What can be done, can be done. What can’t be done, can’t be done. The difference with our company is that when something is useless, we clearly say that it’s useless.

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