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Latest update: 20/08/2020 18:21:50

Ryomei Mitsubishi Electric Sales Corporation

We offer a wide range of electrical solutions from power receiving distribution equipment to building facilities and public works

As a member of the Mitsubishi Electric Group, with a dependable track record over many years and a rich lineup, we provide equipment and systems that meet a variety of electrical needs, including power distribution, FA, cold and thermal housing, building facilities, and public facilities.

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RYOMEI’s product lineup
Power receiving and distribution: we have a solid track record and an extensive portfolio ranging from fuses to power distribution and control systems to energy-saving support
Mitsubishi Electric uses our proven track record of many years and our extensive lineup to meet the requirements of our customers. Our sales staff offer proposals for equipment that is appropriate for the required specifications and requirements and can also propose processes to solve our customers' problems in areas such as network power distribution control systems and energy saving measures.
Low-voltage equipment
○ No-fuse circuit breakers (MCCB) and earth leakage circuit breakers (ELB)
○ High-voltage equipment
Air load switches (PAS), disconnectors, and power fuses
○ Energy-saving support equipment
Distribution monitoring systems (PC software), and MDU breakers
Factory automation: we provide leading edge platforms that undergo continuous technological innovation to meet the various needs of a production site
In addition to the iQ Platform, which brings together the best of Mitsubishi Electric's latest technology, Mitsubishi Electric's FA-related products are used by a large number of customers. We provide solutions that can meet a variety of requirements such as solving issues with on-site devices to improve product performance and helping to better respond to rapidly changing production volumes.
○ Displays (GOT)
A full range of touch panels from 3.7-inch to 15-inch. In addition to the conventional device operation and monitoring functions, we have also added data backup and operator authentication. We have each series.
○ Test units
These are user program systems that replace dedicated test devices. We offer test units with excellent durability based on a hard-diskless system. MELQIC lineup of intelligent test units. (For customers who require quality improvement and increased production efficiency. Incorporating ultrahigh-speed (up to 10MHz) and multichannel (up to 360CH) analog sampling allows waveform analysis to be easily performed at manufacturing sites and enables higher quality data acquisition to be realized.) 
○ Drive equipment
AC servos (MELSERVO), servo system controllers, inverters (FREQROL), magnet motors (IPM), and more.
○ Industrial robots
Transport variants from 1 kg to 150 kg. Vertical/horizontal/clean specifications, with a series for every application. We also sell controllers that are compatible with the iQ platform.  MELFA series lineup.
○ Sequencers and more.
Heating/cooling housing accomodations: we provide a leading-edge technology for creating a safe and comfortable living environment that is kind to humans and the Earth.
We offer building/office air conditioning systems, low-temperature equipment, and ventilation blowers that help to improve the environment of spaces. Furthermore, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation is expanding its air-conditioning and cooling business to include food quality control, the chemical and pharmaceutical fields, industrial refrigeration equipment, and food store facilities for use in logistics.
○ Air-conditioning systems for buildings and offices
Air-conditioning equipment that enable comfortable environments in buildings and offices. We provide high-performance air-conditioning equipment such as air conditioner packages that allow you to freely build the optimum system for a given building and commercial air conditioners for stores and offices.
○ Ventilation blowers
These ventilation fans replace the air in a room to improve the comfort provided. These ventilation fans/air purifiers can save energy by exchanging heat between the air supply and exhaust air, and we also offer a wide range of blowers for different purposes that contribute to the improvement of the indoor environment.
○ Food storage facilities
A comprehensive lineup of store showcases that offer improved efficiency through the optimal control of new technology. Our flexible systems can be based on requirements and enable the efficient management of food stores.
○ Other housing equipment.
Building facilities: we provide an ample product lineup including elevators and escalators, where we boast a global market share, as well as and photovoltaic systems
Mitsubishi Electric’s elevator and escalator technology has been widely adopted and is well received by our customers. We also have many achievements in cutting-edge integrated building security systems and building management systems. We provide optimized products and systems that meet various requirements based on the scale and usage patterns of the facilities in which they are installed.
○ Elevator/building management systems
We install elevators for large/medium-sized buildings, small-scale/home elevators, and building management/monitoring systems. Our public affairs department provides assistance for everything to do with elevators and building management systems.
○ Building-facility related
We offer various types of equipment such as clean energy and emergency power supplies, video equipment, and security systems. Our system engineering department offers assistance with building facilities products.
Public relations: we provide solutions to support businesses that contribute toward and give back to local communities.
We have a varied lineup of solutions such as water and sewage-purification systems and disaster prevention administration systems that help to provide a safe, secure, and comfortable life to everyone in the area. In addition, owing to our solid technology, achievements in communications, and our plant equipment, we have been receiving good reviews for our communication equipment for broadcasting stations. We are able to offer proposals that suit our customers’ requests, so please leave it to us.
○ Water environment system
We offer “water” environments, which form the basis of life, mainly to municipalities. We have a wide lineup of products such as our “Ozonizer” series that uses the power of ozone, which has a proven track record for water purification for a range of applications from private use to pools and water supply and sewage.
○ Disaster management system
As an example, our municipalities digital broadcast communication system can disseminate disaster prevention information and other information to local residents through outdoor loudspeakers and individual household receivers simultaneously.  It exhibits extremely high reliability to minimize any damage in the event of an emergency.
○ Equipment for broadcasting stations
We have various types of equipment related to broadcasting communications. The Mitsubishi fixed station antenna device can be added to provide automatic tracking and snow melting functions. We have a wide line-up of in-vehicle stations, from small to large, that provide stable HD (high-definition) transmission.