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Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our company manufactures electrodeless lamps, which have recently attracted attention as an alternative to mercury lamps as a lighting source. Our long-lasting, energy-saving Eco-Taro electrodeless lamps can significantly reduce the costs of electricity and replacement work compared to mercury lamps. Our lamps maintain the same brightness directly underneath them and also in the surrounding space, which creates a natural lighting environment that does not tax the eyes. Our company develops and manufactures ballasts and equipment, and we assemble lighting units in Japan. All our products are checked in electrical current tests, appearance tests, and other tests. 

[Business description]
Ballast is the heart of any lighting product. We use highly reliable ballast parts that are made by a major Japanese manufacturer (90% are from a well-known domestic manufacturer). A well-established company within the prefecture conducts installation, image inspection, in-circuit testing, and function testing. We have differentiated from our competition in terms of traceability and reliability. This is done by conducting all processes in Japan, from development to procurement, part attachment, and inspection. Products are also tested, and proven to be compliant with the PSE Technology Standard by a third-party institution. We have also obtained type designation from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. We will deliver safe and secure products with high-quality light. 


[Representative's message]
Our company will need to accelerate its speed in product development and improvement to continue providing high-quality lighting. This needs to be done by 2020, which is said to be the peak of replacement needs for conventional lighting. We can further differentiate our company and rapidly expand markets if our business is matched with a company whose core technologies include lamp tubes, ferrite cores, and special lighting equipment. We want to seize the opportunity of business matching with various companies. 

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
The market price for energy-saving lighting has been gradually coming down. Our company focuses on cost reduction of existing products to maintain competitiveness, which we achieve by reviewing manufacturing methods and parts. We will conduct research and marketing projects to understand needs for next-generation lighting from multiple points of view, and develop lighting that can be used in new fields. We will obtain marketing network information through our wholesaler, and the sales agency network the wholesaler represents. 

[Awards and media coverage]
Nishinippon Shimbun (April 20, 2013); The Nikkei newspaper (July 19, 2014); Fukuoka Industrial Technology Center, “Seika to Gaiyo” (2014 to 2017); “Energy and Environment” weekly magazine, No. 2308, section 3-5 (October 13, 2014); Soseichiku Energy; “Energy and Environment” weekly magazine, companion edition “Soenejiho,” Vol. 89 (December 1, 2014); “Base Design Reference,” No. 169, architecture edition, placed by the wholesaler LuchRide; recommended by the Disaster Prevention Safety Association as a disaster prevention item (Spring 2018); “Electrodeless Plasma Floodlight,” provided parts to another company as a private brand product; The Nikkei newspaper, full-page advertisement, “MBT Consortium Declaration” (January 29, 2018). 

Compliance with the technical standards under the Electric Article Safety Law
Type designation by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications 

[Intellectual property]
Japanese Patent Application No. 2017-163736.


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