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HSP Corporation


Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our company develops generators, atomizers, and peripheral equipment related to our Super Jia-Sui System (hypochlorous acid solution). These products have already been adopted by many medical, welfare, and food-related facilities. They are used as a hygiene management and environmental improvement measure for occupants of hospitals, nursery schools, and care facilities for the elderly. They are also used for sterilizing foods or environments in food factories. We offer a comprehensive set of products and services including R&D, design, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance based on needs in the field. 

[Business description]
Modern threats such as resistant microbes and new strains of viruses concern everyone around the world. Our Super Jia-Sui System can solve these problems using an easy and effective new hygiene management method that is entirely safe and harmless to the environment. The Super Jia-Sui System effectively disinfects and deodorizes the air. It has a high level of safety as it effectively disinfects at low concentrations, and costs much less than conventional disinfection and deodorizing products. It places a small load on the environment as it is used at low concentrations and is less persistent. These are its main features. This is a revolutionary product in hygiene management. We have already established startups in the US and China to target overseas markets.


[Representative's message]
Our company has been specialized in applications of the Super Jia-Sui System (hypochlorous acid solution) since our establishment in 1997. We take pride in having publicized the safety, convenience, low environmental load, and low running cost of hypochlorous acid solution worldwide, and helped to improve recognition in the market. We will strive to provide satisfying products in various fields, including the medical, welfare, food, and environmental categories. 

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our company has local sales representatives in the head office as well as in the Tohoku and Kyushu regions for market cultivation to manage operations. These are mostly based on sales agencies. Super Jia-Sui is gradually gaining recognition in a wider range of areas. We intend to set up model facilities to show actual units to potential customers, while capturing individual needs through enhanced maintenance to improve reliability. Demand is increasing in overseas markets, so we will continue our slow-and-steady approach for both domestic Japanese and overseas customers. We can conduct business in Chinese and English. 

[Awards and media coverage]
Chugoku Region New Business Conference, Chugoku Region New Business Special Award; Okayama Evaluation Committee, “A” rating (comprehensive judgement) for our odor control unit for building pits; Japan Building Maintenance Association, First Prize in R&D category for our odor control technology for building pits through the use of hypochlorous acid solution.
Vision Okayama Magazine, about sales of small-amount Jia-Sui for home use, as well as about the launch of our newly designed atomizer, and Shukkiri disinfection and deodorization water for pets. 

Contractor’s license
Plumbing and electric work license (general)

[Intellectual property]
We possess six patents in Japan, one in Taiwan, one in the US, and nine registered trademarks. They relate to air-conditioning equipment, a continuous hypochlorous acid solution generator, a sterilization water atomizing unit, a bubble remover, and control methods.