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Sales Pitch

Interior finish materials friendly to human health
Indoor environment
The interior wall material made from diatomaceous shale from Wakkanai absorbs and emits moisture. These functions prevent condensation and mildew as well as ticks from occurring, and can be a measure against upper respiratory allergies.  
Energy saving
Since redundant moisture is absorbed by the moisture adjusting building material, the heat-exchange efficiency of the air-conditioner is improved, reducing its running costs.
Life odors
Our interior building materials reduce and suppress life odors in the room, such as those caused by an indoor pet, from the laundry hung in the room, from the elderly receiving care in the room, or from cigarette smoke.

Other presentation

[Company strength]
We develop, manufacture, and sell moisture conditioning and deodorizing materials that are mostly made of Wakkanai diatomaceous earth (Wakkanai layer diatom shale). 

Ceramic, stone, and clay product manufacturing

[Representative's message]
We hope to help overseas users lead healthy lives with less energy by exporting excellent Wakkanai diatomaceous earth products. We plan to launch our plastering material in the domestic Japanese market, but this market is expected to shrink due to the declining population. This is why we hope to cultivate overseas markets including China. 

[Awards and media coverage]
Hokkai Times (November 13, 1991); Hokkaido Jutaku Shimbun (May 25, 1993); The Nikkei newspaper (July 9, 1995); and so on. 

[Intellectual property]
Japanese Patent No. 3375927 (joint ownership with the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology until 2020); utility model registration in China (No. ZL201220230255.3); Japanese Patent No. 2652593 (joint ownership with Hokkaido, expired in 2011). 


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