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Latest update: 12/10/2018 11:02:16

Energy Partner Co., Ltd.


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[Company strength]
We build, customize, and expand CTI systems. Our products are highly expandable and reliable, with a PBX (telephone system) that does not affect sound quality even in a system with several hundred seats. Our CTI system product CT-MAX provides Brekeke products through the cloud. Brekeke’s products range from PBXs to CTI and CRM systems in an all-in-one manner, and its PBXs are used in Japan as well as Europe and other regions. These products have a good track record, including their use by leading telecommunications operators. Their functional strong point is that they are multifunctional as a call center package including ACD and dialer functions. They also allow you to use your phone numbers without changing them.


[Representative's message]
We have developed a new SFA system and we have linked it to CTI systems. Our SFA system can fulfill requirements that CRM systems cannot satisfy. Brekeke’s public profile is increasing, and we think we now have the capabilities to provide high-level technologies that can satisfy customer requirements. We want to help enterprises reduce burdens in their telephone operations to streamline their work processes.

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