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Meiji Machine Co., Ltd.

A top corporation in the technology of powder. Developing businesses in relation to industry machines, solar power generation, and the environment.

Our company makes use of the technology we have cultivated as a top corporation in the technology of powder to explore new fields in businesses related to industry machines, while we explore products related to the environment such as the handling of thermal insulation and heat insulation coating and LED lights as an endeavor for [ZEH (zero energy house)], an environmental business, besides our solar power generation business such as the handling of "SOLA CUBE."

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Technology and products of Meiji Machine
Core Technology | Mastering technology with rollers and sifters
<<Powder technology and classification of Meiji Machine to support the pre- and post-processes of food technology and safety>> 
◆ Processing materials 
<Our company's products are adopted in the variety of food material processing such as wheat, rice, soy sauce, beer, etc. > 
The production divisions of a wide range of food industries are the place of our activities including many flour milling companies in flour milling and industry projects. A large number of material processing devices of Meiji Machine are used in fields specializing in industries such as soy sauce, beer, etc. as well as the flour milling fields of wheat, buckwheat, rice, etc. 
◆ The history over 110 years 
<Our grinding and classification technology that has continued to advance for over 110 years has realized value propositions with both trust and renovation.> 
We have been particular about the material processing of feed for as long as 110 years. The grinding and classification technology of Meiji Machine that has constantly developed for many years meets the accurate precision in the production process of food. In addition, various types of equipment and devices that exercise unshakable ability in durability and stability continue to be highly reliable products that bring new values and innovation to match the needs of the era. 
◆ Sanitary performance 
<We place importance on the sanitary performance desired in food and pursue the development of safe and hygiene products. > 
Sanitary performance desired at food sites. It is also desired that food processing equipment and systems be clean as well. At Meiji Machine, endeavors for clearing the safety phase and the hygiene phase in all processes from development and production to finishing is of the highest priority. We also always aim to maintain the conditions of running equipment by observing the maintenance of the equipment. 
■ We make use of the know-how of the flour milling and industry projects we have been cultivating for many years to handle a variety of fields and purposes. 
We make use of the experiences and know-how of the material processing technology cultivated in flour milling and industries we have dealt with so far and handle a variety of fields and purposes not only in the industries of food, but also in the chemical and bio industries.
Plant Engineering | Clearing the way to the future with plant technology
◆ To cope with the operation 24x7 
<To total-produce highly reliable plants that support the never-stopping feed industry> 
The industry of feed that is never allowed to let its plants stop once they get started. We make proposals for anything from highly reliable feed plants to facility equipment and systems that can operate 24x7. We respond to the problems of customers with our total produce ability, which include our maintenance and inspection service, to realize stable operations, such as the support the operation that allows no error after the delivery of plants. 
◆ Precisely realizing the high level needs of our customers 
<The rich know-how cultivated at plants ascertain the nature of the needs desired by our customers. > 
Meiji Machine, having coped with plants for many years, has accumulated a variety of know-how. We make proposals for the appropriate placement of equipment and systems in the sequence of workflow at a plant, and prevent, in advance, problems that can be expected by compiling past examples of trouble into data. The high level needs of our customers is accurately realized with the rich experience we gained in the field of designing and development and process management.
◆ Constructing plants responding to the conspicuous changes of the time 
<A design concept that is able to flexibly handle future changes in response to the needs of the times> 
Our company aims to construct plants that respond to the conspicuous changes of the time such as the reactions to the changes in the needs of industries and renewals due to the advancement of equipment and systems. To respond to the needs desired by our customers and industries of extending the functions of existing plants and to realize better safety, we do so through flexible design concepts.
■ Professional maintenance and management following the construction of new plants to ensure the trust of our customers 
We provide our sufficient maintenance service to customers that construct a new plant. We are obliged to make sure comprehensive inspection is performed after the expiration of the warranty period as well as conduct periodic inspections and support when there are problems, in order to provide our customers a sense of security.
Production |Powerful manufacturing
<<Gathering know-how to realize customer needs>> 
<Quality, cost, delivery date. We make proposals for all of these for the optimal value of our customers.> 
Meiji Machine is thoroughly concerned about quality, cost, and delivery dates, that are the fundamentals of manufacturing. Our mission is to propose products and services that will satisfy customers. To this end, we control the quality of projects, manage budgets, and perform the process management without delay, thereby finding the optimal value for our customers and to reflect them on maintaining quality, controlling cost, and shortening lead time. 
◆ VE 
<To realize desired functions at optimal cost. The value engineering approach.> 
We consider the functions desired by the customers and finish the optimal specifications that match the requests of our customers, which is the value engineering that Meiji Machine excels in. Our company's engineers, who have sufficient knowledge about material technology and processing technology, find the nature of the needs to realize the customization of products and systems with high quality and cost performance that will satisfy our customers. 
<The power of products in our rich lineup meets the various types of customer requests> 
We have organized a rich product lineup in the fields of flour milling, industry, and feeds, bringing advantages to the selection of devices, machines, and facility systems that are different from customer to customer. The various lineup of Meiji Machines in relation to the processing of food such as selecting grain forms, specific gravity separation, grinders, sifters, cleaning machines, mixing machines, etc. has the flexibility and the power of making proposals for solutions to realize the specifications of our customers. 
◆ Traditional 
<The many years of compiling the specifications of customers into a database. This is the tradition that proves the reliability of Meiji Machine.> 
Meiji Machine has had an ongoing endeavor since its establishment. That is to compile all of the accomplishments and the specifications, from past to present, of what was delivered to our customers into a database. By continuing to stock upon our technology and reliability, we will be able to pass on live product information even after generations change. Meiji Machine constantly realizes technology and a stable supply of parts in order to provide products that can be reliably used for many years to come.
Products Lineup | Product information
<<Making big things smaller. Making small things even smaller. The technology that "grinds" materials into a necessary small size.>> 
◆ MQ type dual roll machine 
The newest type of roll type grinding machines for food that meets the needs of the time. We pursued sanitary performance in particular, and disassembly and assembly are simple; an easy to use design; an automatic control device is included so that the material flow-in sensor helps the automatic operation. In addition, you can use air for easy removal and installation of the roll replacement unit. Since the touch panel was adopted, it has becomes easier to control the switching of the screens. 
◆ MUSV type simplex two-step roll machine 
The two-step continuous grinding at the upper and lower sections makes possible efficient grinding into the granular distribution that is required. The new mechanisms that are uniquely developed by us, the main roll, the bearing section, the pressurizing section, etc., are separated as a unit to enable the qyick replacement of rolls. 
◆ HMC type high speed hammer mill 
This is the swing type hammer mill that grinds maze, milo, and other main ingredients and soybeans, fish meal, and other auxiliary ingredients mainly at assorted feed factories. The ingredients supplied from this machine are ground instantly by the high speed turning of the hammers and the impact board, and is discharged in the lower side after passing through the screen. This is a stable, high performance type used by many oil mills and feed mills. 
◆ FR type press roll machine 
The grain (maze, milo, barley, etc.) is heated with steam, pressed by rolls, and dried to pregelatinize to produce flake products that are highly palatable and has feed efficiency. The power of the roll pressure is of the top level in the world. 
◆ Other grinders 
〇 MU type dual roll machine 
〇 RMKT type simplex roll machine/RMKF type simplex roll machine 
〇 RMTD type simplex two-step roll machine 
〇 HME type hammer mill 
〇 ID type in-line detacher 
〇 IE type in-line attacker 
〇 MHBD type crusher 
〇 Fine crusher 
〇 Drum detacher 
〇 Impact slayer (to destroy foreign objects, kill bugs, etc.)
Classification machine
<<Big things and small things. For instance, necessary things and unnecessary things. The technology that accurately separates and "classifies" things from the mixture. >> 
◆ SF-AL type aluminum square sifter 
This is the flour milling sifter that earned overwhelming popularity and is number one in accomplishment. This is a hanging type, square type sifter that separates granular materials and ground objects. A special light alloy material that is excellent in bearing force is used; the side boards and the rear boards have a three-layered sandwich structure to prevent dew condensation inside. A free swing type that uses a built-in motor and balance weight to move horizontally was adopted for the vibration mechanism. The number of the compartments can be one of the four types: two, four, six, or eight. The number of the steps of the sheaves can be 20 to 30. You can select any of the eight steps of sifting levels. 
◆FS-TS type plan sifter 
A high precision sifter that processes a large amount of all types of powder and grain. You can separate granular materials and ground objects etc. into two to four types. The streamlining of the powder and grain sifting process, improvement of ability, reduction of the running cost, and stable, safe product quality control are guaranteed. 
◆BF type bran finisher 
The albumen inside the bran of wheat is peeled and separated from the bran. The materials supplied from the intake port on top are beaten on the circumference screen by the rotary beater where the albumen on the bran is peeled. The bran is sent by the beater with the lead to the discharge port. The albumen peeled there goes through the screen and is ejected by way of the lower part hopper. 
◆MPU type purifier 
This is the newest type that followed repetitious improvements. Lots of ingenuities enhance the semolina extraction to the maximum level. This is a vibration motor type that is easy to service. The flow rate is shown in digital expressions. 
◆ Other classification machine 
〇JAD type junior sifter 
〇VSF type vibro-sifter 
〇NT type junior sifter NJT-A2 x 9 
〇Junior sifter JBT-500 
〇Junior sifter JBT-630H1 
〇Junior sifter JBT-630T 
〇 MTSF type aluminum square sifter 
〇 Re-sifting metal sifter MRB-4/6
Refining machine
<<Picking up finer things only. Sifting out rougher things only. The technology that sift things to "refine.">> 
◆VSE3 type separator 
This is a refining machine that has a large processing capacity with a small amount of drive to separate pinched objects and large substances mixed in the grain materials, products, etc., to remove powder, and to remove lumps. Removing and attaching the net frame is easy in the separated structure. Taking out does not require a large space. Cleaning is also easy. 
◆MG2 type grain separator 
This is a refining machine that has excellent performance for separating and removing pinched objects, large foreign substances, sand, fine grains, etc. from wheat, maze, milo, barley, rice, and other grain materials. The machine can be used widely used. For more efficient refinement, you can combine the DF type aspirator. This has been adopted in a wide range of fields of foodstuff such as flour milling, beer, brewing, cone grits, starch, etc. 
◆MRV-Gr type multi-roll gravity separator/MRV-Se type multi-roll sheave 
The driving section (the vibration motor) and the sheave box are separated so that you can examine the optimal refinement conditions. Several types of variations are available as the sheave box (selection by specific gravity, vibratory sifting, or both). Multiple refinement types are possible with expandability. 
◆RRD type rotary dresser 
This machine separates foreign objects in the materials such as assorted feed, large lumps, and pinched objects. 
◆BM type cascade magnet system 
Three steps of magnet are used to capture, separate, and remove foreign iron objects mixed in the materials. Iron chips are ejected outside the system after the inflow of materials are stopped. 
◆ Other refining machines 
〇CF type aspirator 
〇MST type vibro-stoner 
〇MSC type scaler machine 
〇Vibro-gravity separator 
〇High speed aspirator 
〇Vibro-separator VSP type
Processing machine
<<The technology that adds new lives and revives things.>> 
◆MF type roll polishing and surfacing machine 
This is produced to accelerate roll polishing and surfacing treatment accurately, which are difficult on ordinary processing machines. 
◆MR-1 type roll roughing machine 
The roll surface (flower milling acting surface = body section) for flower milling is roughed with emery.
Package opening machine
<<The technology that packs and open things. >> 
◆Automatic rice package opening facility 
This is a package opening machine in which simplicity, safety, and maintenance-free, as well as enriching the conventional distributing function through labor saving and rationalization of package opening processes of paper bags for granular materials such as rice were pursued. 
◆Bo3 type automatic package opening machine/BoS type automatic package opening machine 
This is a package opening machine in which simplicity, safety, and maintenance-free as well as enriching the conventional distributing function through labor saving and rationalization of package opening processes of paper bags for granular materials, where our company's granular material technology is converged were pursued. 
Miscellaneous machine
<<The technology that handles various usages.>> 
◆MSRA type grain sterilizer 
The MSRA type grain sterilizer kills bacteria on grains. 
The biggest advantage is that it sterilizes the surface of grains under normal pressure by spraying heated vapor on grains upon generating heated vapor using high frequency energy. In addition, as the sterilizing time is very short, the heat on the grain is minimized. 
◆ASM type automatic sampler 
This machine samples the products produced on the line at a granular material factory. This machine collects samples from a product transfer conveyor and the like and gathers them in a sampling bottle. When the sampling is finished, the table is turned manually or automatically to enable sampling continuously. Collected samples can be used for in-house inspections etc.
Measuring machine
<<The technology that controls flowing granular materials.>> 
◆Batch measuring machine 
This is a so-called hopper scale. Our company has added our unique advantages and ingenuities to it as a measuring machine for granular materials such as wheat flour. Permission Number 89, Measuring Instrument Manufacturing Business, Ministry of International Trade and Industry 
◆ Feed governor 
This device can supply an accurate amount of granular materials based on the specified flow rate. In recent years, as factory automation is progressing in factories, the automation of combination facilities, etc. is desired. This device exercises its ability for such automation.
Automatic packing/measuring machine
<<The technology that measures and packs goods.>> 
◆ Uni-packer (ALT packer) 
This is an airless type packer that suppresses the mixing of air in packages as much as possible based on its special auger screw and our unique control method.
Solar power projects and environmental projects of Meiji Machine
Solar power projects
◆ Designing and constructing self-consumption solar power generation devices (Esnon Hole) 
<<Introducing solar power devices on roofs/rooftops, which used to be difficult, is now possible>> 
Introducing the self-consumption solar power generation device that is attracting attention as specific measures for realizing lowering CO2 emissions and energy saving, or for the purpose of securing a power source in case of a disaster. However, the installation used to be difficult depending on the conditions of buildings. Our company made it possible to install solar power devices on roofs and rooftops, which used to be impossible. 
◆ Selling solar power plants by share 
<<Proposal for investment intended by corporations>> 
We have been making proposals for the purchase of solar power plants by share as a method of long term investment that considers 10 years to 20 years into the future. 
Choose us as your business partner.  We are solid and have abundant achievements. 
◆ Reviving local communities by making use of solar power generation plants 
<<To those who are at local governments or financial institutions and deal with reviving local communities>> 
Local electric power generations are attracting attention as a method of enhancing flow rate of funds and reviving local communities. As a project holder led by a local government sells and buys power, various enterprises in the local community establishes a consortium to make investments, which raises awareness of private investments. Energy is one of the essential requisites among the private sector, and thus tends to be easily linked to reviving local communities. We are willing to support you in the construction of solar power generation devices as your organization's help.
Environmental project
Meiji Machine organized its Environmental Business Head Office in September 1, 2019. We have been making proposals for high-quality services that is secure in the long term to corporations, associations, and local governments that cope with the introduction of reusable energy and/or with energy savings for a sustainable community. 
◆Installing self-consumption solar power generation devices 
<Make use of roofs for "energy to everybody and energy to be clean"> 
To embody sustainable communities, the further spreading of reusable energy is desired. Stakeholders at corporations desire the endeavors for ESG (*1) in our time. How would you like to work with CO2 reductions with Meiji Machine? 
Based on our cooperation with an energy service company, we are now able to provide a self-consumption plan with an initial cost of zero yen. Customers only have to pay the power usage fees monthly during the period of their contract to introduce solar power devices. The facility is owned by the energy service provider. However, the environment values are attributed to the customers. So, you can demonstrate your environmental endeavors such as RE100 (*2) and SDGS (*3). 
*Some conditions are applied to the use. 
◆Adhesive frame construction method, Esnon Hole 
<On roofs, where it used to be impossible to mount the device> 
The problems in introducing a self-consumption solar power generation device are the conditions of installation such as drilling into the building, the physical load, etc. To solve these two problems, "Esnon Hole" became the new construction method for placing the device on a roof. It was uniquely developed by our company. Why don't reconsider installing the solar power device on your roof or rooftop. It is now possible. 
<<Compared with a conventional construction method, it is a 65 percent reduction! The load on roofs is 14.2kg/m2 (*).>> 
Drill holes is unnecessary. The rack-less method reduces the physical load. A special adhesive is used for a water-proof effect. The cost is cut as a result of the shortened construction period. This is a solution unique to Meiji Machine, and it can solve the conventional problems with roof-placed solar power generation devices. 
*Comparison with the basic construction method. The values are from a trial calculation based on a certain condition. This may vary depending on the layout etc. 
◆Heat-blocking coating, GAINA 
<<Saving energy just by coating>> 
This is a highly functional ceramic coating that enables you to save energy just by painting. The ceramic sphere of multiple layers that was developed by applying the space developing technology of JAXA protects the residence from cold, heat, smell, and noise. Meiji Machine makes proposals for the construction of GAINA to improve the environment of the customer. 
This product was awarded the Judging Committee's Special Prize in the Product/Business Model Section, 2017. (Hosted by The Energy Conservation Center, Japan) 
◆ Value construction method 
<<Preventing rust and the aging of buildings and facilities>> 
The factories and facilities located close to coasts are in an environment that easily results in rust. Meiji Machine proposes a coating construction method (the value construction method to solve the problems "just by coating" as a measure for corrosion and aging. This used to require large-scale construction including the replacement and welding of conventional facility. This construction can be applied in a variety of places including factories where stopping operation is not allowed. Feel free to consult us. (Supported by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)
Biomass power generation
<<We will manage the transfer facility for biomass power generation>> 
We make proposals for the reception, storage, and distribution of biomass power generation fuel and transfer facility with the bulk handling technology at flour milling and feed producing factories Meiji Machine has been cultivating over the years. 
<The contents of the technology you can consult us about> 
The designing, production, installation, electric control, etc. of bucket elevators, chain conveyors, belt conveyors, and others in relation to the transfer section of fuel.

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