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While Our Clients Think About Confectioneries First, Masdac First Thinks About the Clients' Customers

As a manufacturer of food production machinery, our company makes machines that produce safe and reliable confectioneries. We provide ovens, steamers, depositors, and dorayaki machines as the best production system for our customers' confectionery production. Our basic stance is "Confectionery First." All of our staff members are engaged in their daily work with the desire to provide safe and delicious confectioneries.

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Sales Pitch

About Masdac
We want to respond to your requests swiftly. For this reason, our sales and service functions became one.
We want to meet our customers' needs precisely. So, we integrated the sales and service functions to fulfill the high demands of our customers. In addition, information obtained through market research is fed back to design and manufacturing, allowing us to develop new models and products. The latest information and various ideas obtained through these operations are proposed to our customers through direct visits, exhibitions, PR magazines, and our website.
Our Design and Production Teams Know All about Confectioneries
We organize design, manufacturing, and material procurement as one team for each product that our customers want. Each engineer makes full use of the skills and experience they have cultivated over the years and the cutting-edge mechanical design technology they continue to research. Based on our extensive knowledge of confectionery factories, we provide accurate advice and technology and work to design and manufacture products that satisfy individual customers. In addition, to ensure that we understand our customers' needs, we place great importance on communicating with them in all aspects of our work, including onsite surveys. In manufacturing, we always think about making the product easier to use and maintain and work closely with the design team to assemble and adjust the products.
Customer Service Center with Specialized Staff
At our Customer Service Center, experienced staff members are on standby at the phone counter to promptly respond to your inquiries. Our customer service and the parts center work together to arrange for personnel and parts for emergency work, as well as for general maintenance of your machines, including improvements, modifications, relocations, and overhauls. In cooperation with the Quality Assurance Office, we also analyze the details of failures and compile statistics to prevent future problems. We always provide support from the customer's perspective by preventing the unexpected from happening and acting fast in emergencies.
Product Information
[Bake] Oven
[Caterpillar Oven]
Caterpillar ovens bake by placing a baking sheet or mold on the caterpillar. The oven allows for easy switching of products, making it suitable for high-mix production. It is also easy to maintain and integrate into a mass production line.

[Band Oven]
Baking is done by squeezing or placing dough directly on the steel belt without using a baking sheet or mold. The line is simple and suitable for automation.

[Integrated Confectionery Production Line]
We propose a fully automated production line for the integrated production of various confectioneries such as cream puffs, busse, tarts, financiers, and langue de chat. We will build the best production line according to the type, shape, size, installation space, and production scale of the confectionery.

[Heat Plus Superheated Steam Generation Unit]
By installing Heat Plus to the baking process that utilizes the far-infrared rays of the gas tunnel oven, superheated steam is produced, resulting in better baking. Therefore, you can expect various effects from the combination of the firing effect of gas and the heating characteristics of superheated steam.
[Dorayaki Machine]
[Fully Automatic Dorayaki Machine]
All processes from dough pressing, baking, intermediate flipping, back baking, removal from baking sheet, filling pressing, branding, matching, and clamping are done automatically. The production capacity ranges from 850 to 12,000 pieces per hour.

[Medium-sized Dorayaki Machine]
With the addition of the equipment, the intermediate flipping, removal of crumbs from the copper plate, wiping of oil, and removal of the product, which are done manually in the small-sized dorayaki machine, are automated. From baking the crust to removing the crust from the conveyor, the entire process has been automated. The filling can be squeezed and topped on the conveyor.

[Small-sized Dorayaki Machine]
This compact machine alone can make a variety of hiranabemono (foods baked on a cast-iron pan), such as dorayaki, torayaki, ayuyaki, bean rolls, sakura mochi, tetsubotan, and waffles.
[Squeeze] Depositor
[System Depoly]
This is a unit-type filling machine for the top panel that can be used not only as a stand-alone dough filling machine but also as a multipurpose forming and finishing system combining various units according to the pastry you produce.

System-One is a compact filling and molding machine with excellent versatility. This versatile pastry machine has an infinite number of combinations. It completes the three processes necessary for forming and finishing pastries on a single unit: forming, filling injection, and finishing decoration squeezing of tarts and other sweets, in addition to dough filling.

[Light Depoly]
Light Depoly is a small, single-row filling machine that finishes the product on the production line.

[Universal Depoly]
A filling machine for production lines, which employs a unique drive control system.

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