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The comprehensive manufacturer of unique powder equipment

Having the top share in the field of food powder transport facilities. We have been focusing, especially in recent years, on "food safety" and trying to enter the fields of chemicals, chemical products, and electric and electronic products based on the technology we have cultivated there.

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The new values produced by the comprehensive manufacturer of powder equipment
Ideas and technology dedicated to powder
We are proud of our top class share in the country in the field of food powder transport facility. "Pursue powder for new values" is our slogan. Our artisans produce "security and safety" with unique ideas and excellent production techniques.

[Many unique patents and know-how cherished at nationwide factories] 
"Powder" is used in all industries from food, chemicals, environment/energy, electronics, and information communication. We handle fine powder to develop new highly functional materials in the field of nano-technology, which has been attracting attention as an advanced technology. To exercise the unlimited possibilities of such "powder," a large number of our company's unique patents in relation to "powder technology" and know-how are used in many factories nationwide. 

[The total coordinator of powder equipment to support security and safety] 
We do not limit ourselves to the production of powder equipment such as those for smashing, classifying, mixing, supply, discharging, transporting, collecting, measuring, opening packages, etc., but also totally coordinate everything involved with powder equipment for the engineering of powder plants. 
With "doesn't get dirty, don't get it dirty, easy cleaning if anything gets dirty" being our motto, we aim at "easy clean designs"and protect people's "security and safety" by providing products that meet manufacturing, quality, and safety management standards such as HACCP and GMP.
Optimum crushing and grinding equipment
"Crushing" is a process of roughly crushing large materials such as breads, biscuits, etc., and grinding is a process of grinding materials such as sugar, salt, etc. into materials of small granular diameters. We cover a variety of usages from super fine crushing of several microns to rough crushing to millimeter units. 

We have a variety of lineups for various types of crushing of granularity and shapes such as the "Pow Cutter" that is optimal for crushing bread, rice, dried noodle crumbles, biscuits, seaweed, laver, pie dough, and cocoa mass, and the "Pow Crusher" that realizes optimal low cost for crushing agglomerated powder, snacks, etc.  
We meet the particular needs of customers by adding various types of options such as using belt conveyors, built-in type dust collection, etc. 

We have a variety of lineups for various types of materials and purposes such as the "Line Mill" that is installable in air transport lines, the "Wave Mill" that is capable of highly accurate grinding, and the "Pow Jet" that is compatible with fine grinding, and so forth. 
The diameters of the granules and the characteristics of the desired powder widely varies. We make equipment capable of diverse grinding methods available to meet customer requests.
Measuring equipment, detachable divider scale terminals
Overview of products
We make proposals for optimum products depending on the purposes such as "Divider Scale (an automatic measuring and separating device)" combining a measuring function and sifting, removal of magnetic foreign objects, and other functions, "Pow Scale" of a hopper type for the main materials of heavy weight, and so forth. 

[Control system] 
This is a control system that can make accurate measurements easily from a touch panel. You can keep records of recipes, telecommunications for production instruction, histories of measurements, etc. in synchronization with "Pow Trace," the traceability system. This is the system with which you can feed and control data from a place of your choice by connecting a touch panel or personal computer as a separate unit. We make a variety of proposals for efficient production.
● The super compact automatic measuring machine that enables small amounts of many types of combinations 
● Detachable material stockers 
● Up to four material stockers installable 
● No scattering or fine particles at the time of measurement because of the built-in collector 
● With an agitator to prevent bridges in the materials stockers 

● Material stockers: 40L, 80L (optional) 
● Scope of measurement: 100g - 10㎏ (container measurement only) 
● Minimum scale: 1g 
● Measurement accuracy: ±2g

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