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Latest update: 20/08/2020 18:22:03


We are seeking to unlock the potential of powders.

We are a manufacturer of automated equipment for powder provision, weighing, and mixing. Continuous automation in powder processing has allowed simultaneous quality improvement, cost reduction, and labor saving in a range of industries, including chemistry, ceramics, medicine, food, the environment, and civil engineering.

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Quantitative powder-feeder (positive displacement)
This positive displacement feeder is the basic type for powders, and it is a highly reliable device that can supply not only general-purpose powders but also powders with strong adhesion and cohesion from 0.5 Lit/h to 100 m³/h with high accuracy.
​Quantitative powder feeder (weight type)
A loss-in-weight feeder that can accurately measure and supply powders with all types of properties.
Continuous mixer
This is a continuous mixing device that can perform continuous humidification, kneading, dissolution, and emulsification of powder every 2 s while the powder is passing through the inside of the mixer.
Control panel
This is a control device that is used in combination with a constant weight feeder.
Weighing auto feeder
Loop conveyor scale
Funken Wap Feeder

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