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Our goal is to manufacture high-level products at all times.

Our groundbreaking rice rinsing technology derived from our commitment to handle rice grains with care is widely used in rinsing and flow-conveying of rice and crops. We are makinig a major contribution to safe and hygienic food production.


Sales Pitch

Automatic continuous rice/cereal crop rinsing and flow-conveying machines, brewers’ rice rinsing machines, vacuum suction carrier machines, small rice rinsing machines for the food-service industry
Water jets generated by the MJP (Mixed Jet Polishing) system quickly wash off any foreign particles without damaging rice grains. Foreign particles, rice bran and agricultural chemicals washed off from rice will be enclosed and separated using jet bubbles. They will be quickly discharged using the cyclone effect and will never be stuck to rice grains again. Immersion time can be largely reduced because rice bran and foreign particles will be eliminated beforehand. Cooked rice can be kept hot without it changing color or discharging any odor.
Our vacuum devices can be used in three different ways depending upon their applications.

Vacuum suction system (Foam drainage and degassing of churning tanks for mayonnaise, chocolate and noodles)

It can perform continuous suction of liquids.
As no dust will be released and suctioned gas will touch the jet water, it has significant dust collection benefits.

Water conveyance system (for precut vegetables, fishery products and frozen foods)

This does not damage food materials and allows continuous transport via piping.
It can smoothly transport food materials and liquids (available for non-water liquids).

Pneumatic conveyance system (for rice, soy beans, azuki beans, sesame and powder)

Since vacuum suction is used, the flow speed can be adjusted to avoid cracking and breaking of matters being conveyed.

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