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Latest update: 03/04/2020 16:37:17

ISHIFUKU Metal Industry Co., Ltd.

Never ending challenges with precious metal

We are "the comprehensive manufacturer of noble metal" specializing in gold, silver, platinum and other noble metal and develop, produce, and sell noble metal raw materials, other materials, and products. 
Since our establishment, we have developed 10 thousand types of products or more and have a product group that has the top share in the country such as thermocouples and dental care materials. 
In addition, we have been greatly contributing to the development and the production of unique materials such as materials essential to important parts of fuel cells. 
We are pouring our efforts into the field of advanced industries where it is understood that demands will be further increasing in the coming years such as "environment," "medical care," and "energy."

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Products and services we handle
Boards, lines, pipes, rings
We meet the requests for making light, thin, short, and/or small in various fields such as the fields of semiconductors by making use of the fine processing technology unique to us. We process even the materials that are not easily processed into the forms that exercise their characteristics and, thus, cope with flexible product designing. 
● Gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium, iridium, ruthenium, and various types of alloy plates 
● Gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium, iridium, ruthenium, and various types of alloy wires 
● Gold, silver, platinum, and various types of alloy pipes and rings
We provide products that have excellent characteristics based on stable sphere and sharp particle size distribution characteristics. They are widely used not only in the fields of semiconductors and electric/electronic parts, but also in the fields of energy and media. 
● Gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium, and various types of alloy powder 
● Platinum/palladium spherical powder 
● Electrodeposited silver
Our company's inorganic and organic compounds are highly evaluated as high quality products under the integral quality control organization based on the technological ability that we cultivated over a long period of time as a comprehensive noble metal manufacturer. They are used in the environment and electric/electronic parts fields as raw plating liquid for catalytic material for use in exhaust gas purification for automobiles, etc. 
● Gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium, and iridium inorganic compound 
● Platinum and palladium organic compound
We produce products that meet the specifications of customers from the platinum group powder our company has developed. They are used not only in the fields of electric/electronic parts, but also in the fields of advanced industries. 
● Platinum pastes 
● Palladium pastes
Insoluble anodes
Insoluble anodes are electrolytic cells in which platinum and noble metal oxides were coated onto corrosion resistant titanium. Besides usage in conventional plating, recently, the demands in the fields of functional water have been increasing. 
More so, the remaining catalyst (noble metal) is collectible and the titanium base is reusable (by recoating) from that insoluble anode. As such, we consider this an eco-friendly product. 
● Iridium oxide baked titanium electrode, "IFKMODE" 
● Platinum plating titanium electrode, "Platinode" 
● Recoating
High quality targets based on the dissolution method are provided at a low cost. We also develop alloy targets that exercise the characteristics of noble metal to the maximum. As such, we respond to the diversified product requirements in the fields of electric/electronic parts. 
● Gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium, iridium, ruthenium, and various types of alloy targets 
● Gold, silver, platinum, and various types of alloy vapor deposition
For crucibles in the development of oxide single crystals essential for various types of devices for optics, telecommunication, etc. and for the analysis apparatus used in the field of physics and chemistry, the heat resistance and the chemical stability specific to noble metals are essential. We provide products from the general forms to the special forms even if they are in a small amount. We can process iridium, a material hard to process, as well as platinum. 
● Platinum, platinum alloy crucibles, iridium crucibles, and silver crucibles 
● Platinum, gold alloy bead dishes 
● Platinum electrodes 
●Platinum evaporating dishes, platinum boats, platinum tongs, etc. 
● Platinum nets, silver nets
Thermocouples are products essential for the measurement of temperature in high-temperature ranges experienced in fields such as iron steel, glass, and semiconductors. 
Our company, as the manufacturer of thermocouples covering the top share in the country, respond to customer requests from with our excellent refining technology of removing impurities that will have influence over the characteristics and with our technology on the expansion up to wire diameters of several tens of μm. 
We also accept orders for calibration inspection based on the fixed-point method. 
● R, B, S thermocouple wire 
●13% PR, 20%PR, 40% PR thermocouple wire 
● Platinum resistor wires, various types of set products 
● Calibration inspection
Catalysts for fuel cells
The expectations for fuel cells as the next-generation energy system to solve environmental and energy problems are further increasing. For their spread, reducing the amount of platinum is a challenge. 
In our company's fuel cell catalysts, conductive carbon carriers are supported by platinum nano-particles. As particles are made minute, their specific surface areas are expanded. At the same time as this, the composition control and the structure control enhances the specific activity. Thus, the amount of the usage of platinum is reduced. 
● Platinum supported carbon catalysts 
● Platinum ruthenium alloy supported carbon catalysts
Contact material
Noble metals, which are excellent in electric conductivity and anti-corrosion performance, are used as contact materials in a wide range of fields from common home appliances to communication equipment. 
Among them, crossbar contacts realize cost cutting with the compactization of switches and relays and low nobel metal use with the rolling technology that makes metal thin and long. 
● Gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and various types of alloy plates 
● Gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and various types of alloy wires 
● Gold, silver, palladium crossbar contacts
Brazing metals
We provide products that are optimal for usage by our customers in various shapes and forms such as plates and lines. They are used in the fields of a wide range from common home appliances to state-of-the-art equipment such as telecommunication equipment and electronic parts up to space aircrafts and the like. 
● Gold, silver, palladium, and various types of alloy brazing metals
● Flux