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Sales Pitch

Jig for detecting the sharpness of tools
By detecting the sharpness of tools, the jig improves many problems related to processing: For example, it leads to the detection of processing defects caused by tools, and leads to discovering faster processing conditions.
The jig can easily be installed to the currently used processing machine.
By detecting the load generated by processing, the jig is able to inform the user of the tool conditions. The detected numerical data can easily be compared with the numerical data in the initial state. This allows the user to grasp the current sharpness of the tool. 
The detection system is composed of the jig to be installed to a processing machine, and an amplifier as well as a PC. Interlocking with the processing machine will enable the jig to be useful for all types of management and failure prevention.
To grasp the sharpness of currently used tools.
To prevent processing defects during unattended operation at night.
To discover faster processing conditions.

Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our company develops and sells dedicated machining products.

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[Representative's message]
Our company developed a new tool sharpness detection jig that detects tool sharpness to prevent machining problems. This product is highly versatile because it can be easily attached to existing equipment. We decided to register with J-GoodTech to introduce this product to many more customers. Our company assists in launching new products by devising and developing machining methods. We manufacture products on consignment, and develop and deliver dedicated processing machines. We are a representative consignment manufacturer although our scale is small. We are hoping for opportunities to meet customers who become interested in our company.

[Intellectual property]
Japanese Unexamined Patent Application No. 2005-047777; Japanese Unexamined Patent Application No. 2005-103652; Japanese Utility Model Registration No. 3208873.

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