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Latest update: 03/04/2020 16:37:14

UCL Corporation

We have achievements in development at governmental bodies and at a variety of corporations.

We provide human resources to the big SIers in cooperation with China and National Key Universities in China, which has achieved a conspicuous development in the IT field. 
In addition, we have achievements in development in those and are also entrusted with development based on our human resources.


Sales Pitch

We also provide Japan-China collaboration consulting service besides systems.
Development of backbone systems by using odoo of ERP packages
We aim at making business efficient by absorbing, in one system, any business content facing current corporations such as online sales, retail, physical distribution, CRM, and so forth.
The J-mall system that has realized automatic linkage with T-mall and T-mall Global
We provide systems that enable automatic linkage with T-mall and T-mall Global, the EC sites in China. We make it possible to introduce the system at a low cost. At the same time, High-lines Co., Ltd., a subsidiary, will provide the know-how with the function as a consulting TP (T-mall Partner) for the sales.
We provide a service of photographing and creating 3D virtual spaces.
With this service, 3D scan cameras, 3D space software, and the Cloud service are used to scan (photograph) the real space in order to realize the reproduction of the virtual space. 
As 3D scanning is performed at the same time with camera photography, it becomes possible to provide high-quality 3D-VR contents, not the contents composed from simple panorama photographs.

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