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Trying the impossible: From parts to total solutions

We develop assembled systems on commission in integrated production from development to mass production of hardware, software, casings, and other equipment. We develop products accurately and speedily with a complete development system. We handle products endorsed by the development track record of large companies and provide various products and services at surprisingly low prices.

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Overview of our business areas, products, and technologies
Business areas and main products
[Business areas]
Development, manufacturing, and sales of electronics equipment

[Business segment]
System development

[Main products]
Microcomputer systems, image processing systems, industrial control systems, IT measuring instruments, PC peripherals
Core technology
- Compatible with analog/digital microcomputers and DSP/FPGA in general (up to 12-layer boards, with a frequency of 600 MHz, and an outside bus frequency of 133 MHz)
- Toppers/uClinux/Linux/WinCE porting
- Linux/WinCE/Win2K/WinXP driver/application software in general
- Housings, case design/machining/processing
Representative development results and products handled
(1) Solar rechargeable controllers
These efficient, stable rechargeable/dischargeable controllers for solar power generation are based on fast digitally controlled inverter technology. These units exercise optimal control in response to changes in meteorological and other conditions. (Jointly developed with Kanagawa Institute of Technology.)

(2) Monitoring system
We have jointly developed image processing-based topple detection and anomaly detection algorithms with Tokyo Metropolitan University and commercialized them as a monitoring system for the elderly based on our fast image processing and information and communications technology.

(3) Examples of developments on commission (modules)
We address customer needs regardless of the size of the product lot requirement.
- Digital signal processing with four DSPs
- Infrared recognition module
- Signal processing card with 66M/66-bit PCI bus

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