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One well-made piece of trial manufacturing can be used to make countless well-made, mass-produced products

The maximum manufacturing size is 2,400 x 1,100 x 900 mm. We use vacuum casting machines to make trial manufacturing products for industrial use. Good-quality trial manufacturing can highlight and prevent unpredictable issues. We offer high-quality trial manufacturing to support our customers.

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Inspections and tests, which are indispensable in industrially manufactured products, can now be performed repeatedly. An uncertainty with respect to the accuracy of prototypes is being observed. A quality prototype enables awareness, identification, and understanding of foreseen and unforeseen problems and allows their prevention. Our goal is to be a company that helps our customers by producing high quality prototypes for them.

■ Resin related
 Vacuum casting/MC/NC processing/engraving machine processing/vacuum molding/RIM molding/pressure molding/blow molding
 /extrusion molding/injection molding/stereolithography/FRP production and others

■ Metal and light-metal related
 Machine processing of aluminum, brass, and SUS/sheet metal and precision sheet metal (including laser and wire processing)
 /press processing/die casting (aluminum and zinc)/die and mold making and others

■ Various types of processing
 Additional machining of molded products/silk and screen printing/blanking/batch and metal processing
 /building models/production of jigs or tools/surface treatment such as coating, plating, and alumite/upholstering car seats
 /other incidental processing for trial manufacturing and mass-produced products
Automobile-related parts
Large-scale vacuum casting (integrated molding) is one of our strong points and is favored by customers in the automobile (four- and two-wheeled) industries.

In recent years, the automobile industry has developed remarkably and is making progress in every area from power system engines to hybrids and motors. Under the circumstances, weight reduction is been increasingly promoted and engineering plastics are often used for parts,
whereas demand for shorter R&D periods is growing. 

To meet our customers’ requirements, we make full use of large-scale vacuum casting, integral molding, vacuum casting, and cutting and injection molding,
and we are working to further shorten our delivery times.

In addition, we have a variety of materials with properties such as hardening, softening, rubber type (elastomer), reinforced type (with glass), transparency, and coloring (urethane)
to offer to our customers. 
Five major advantages of vacuum casting
1. Significant delivery time and initial cost reductions

2. We offer various tests using large-scale trial manufacturing 
  As the resin is integrally molded, it has strength that enables tests that could not be performed on products produced with conventional methods such as pasting.
  Features of our company: Maximum production size 2400 x 1100 x 900 (Unit: mm)

3. High dimensional accuracy enables the manufacture of more accurate parts. 

4. A wide variety of physical properties can be selected.
  Typical materials: ABS-like/ PP-like/rubber materials/transparent acrylic-like
  Examples: Visible experiments and design studies inside prototypes using transparent resin (acrylic-like/ partly rubber-based)

5. Small lots (1–100 pieces) are possible at low cost.