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Latest update: 27/01/2020 12:35:03

Micro module technology

We like miniaturization!

Do you have any problems like these?

Module development and mounting technology development services
- You do not have staff specialized in miniaturizing surface-mount boards.
- You want to develop a new mounting technique.
- You do not have an R&D team for mounting technology.

Prototyping services
- You want to create prototypes or engineering samples.
- You want to perform trial mounting using special substrates, or individual chips or circuit boards.
- You want to perform trial mounting to evaluate components or materials.

Low to mid-volume production services
- You do not have a plant with a monthly production of several dozen units to several hundred thousand units.
- You want to mass-produce products at a domestic Japanese production base.
- You want to mass-produce special surface-mount modules.

Evaluation and analysis services
- You cannot identify the cause of a defect in semiconductor packaging.
- You want to evaluate reliability or tolerance but have no idea how to do it.
- You want to evaluate product quality using various mounting techniques.

We solve these issues!

We perform a wide range of processes in-house from planning, design, and development of small surface-mount modules to their prototyping and mass-production. We also flexibly offer mid-volume production of special modules.

We have our own plant on our premises. Our cleanrooms are Class 100 to 1000, so we have a work environment that ensures freedom from dust.

We can take prototype orders for even a single unit, and flexibly respond to changes in specifications and so on according to customer requirements.

Please feel free to contact us.

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Sales Pitch

Miniaturization modules
●Module development service and mounting technology development service
We miniaturize a variety of modules. These include camera modules, sensor modules, and power modules. We currently focus our efforts particularly on camera modules. We have completed articles with a minimum size of 13 mm by 13 mm. They are mainly used for surveillance in facilities or observation of the inside of gaps into which normal cameras cannot be placed. They are so lightweight that they can be mounted on top of robots in factories.
●Trial production service
The advantage of our products or their difference from other companies’ products is that they are very small and lightweight. Reducing the size and weight of cameras saves space and allows them to be installed in things where conventional cameras cannot be installed. We think this will make it possible to increase the potential of our customers’ business and so on.
●Small- and medium-scale mass production service
-We have not found any factories that can mass-produce several dozen to hundreds of thousands of pieces of product a month.
-Mass-production should be performed in Japan.
-Special packaging modules need to be mass-produced. 

Our company can perform medium-scale mass-production.
As for the number of products to be mass-produced, we can produce about 100 thousand bare chips a month. 
Products and technologies
Processes with which we can perform mounting, and range of mounting
-Various types of flip chip mounting
-Wire bonding
-Stud bumps
We can perform all processes from the dicing process in a one-stop manner.
We can also perform various types of flip chip mounting.
Product range
-Camera modules
-Various sensor modules 
-Various sensor modules (including spectroscopic sensors, odor sensors, moisture content sensors, etc.) 
-CMOS image sensors
-Next-generation power modules (in the  trial manufacture development stage)
For products other than the above ones, we can perform trial production, etc.
The size of our minimum camera module is 13 mm x 13 mm.



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One-stop support by internal manufacturing.

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