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Latest update: 21/08/2020 17:08:48


The world’s first pressure offset scroll compressor

We are a company that specializes in R&D into scroll fluid machines. World first! We have successfully developed a pressure-offset scroll compressor that is lightweight, compact, energy-saving, and low-noise. The applications for our products are endless and include refrigerators, expanders, fans, and  blowers. In collaboration with affiliated companies, we also have an extensive track record in joint development.

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Sales Pitch

The world’s first pressure-compensation-type scroll compressor
Service features
1. We use our patents to create designs that meet our customers’ requirements.
2. We can design and manufacture all types of scroll fluid machines, including compressors, expanders, vacuum pumps, pumps, turbines, air motors, blowers, and fans.
Strong points of product technology
1. Pressure offset: the internal pressure does not affect either the axial or radial side, and it has a long-lasting and simple design.
2. Small and lightweight: specialized spinning type. This can rotate at a high speed of approximately 20,000 rpm, which makes significant miniaturization and weight reduction possible.
3. Specialized oil-free type.
4. Supports small high compression ratio and small high vacuum.
Supported needs
1. Needs to be significantly smaller and lighter in fluid machinery.
2. For those who want further energy savings.
3. For those who need it to be oil-free.
4. For those who want cost reductions
5. For those who want further noise reductions.
6. For those who want service-life elongation

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