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Latest update: 30/09/2021 18:41:50


Our company specializes in machining carbon, from large to small products

We machine carbon products for machinery, such as carbon bearings, carbon seal rings, and carbon packings.

Carbon is chemical-resistant, usable without oil being supplied, and self-lubricating. These and other characteristics are exploited in the use of carbon for sliding parts and other parts assembled in machinery and equipment. We handle orders for a wide range of products, including machining high-mix low-volume products, divided items and precision products, difficult-to-machine parts, prototypes, and large products.

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Product information
Machined products
Carbon bearings, carbon seal rings, carbon packings, and other carbon products for machinery
Bearings, seal rings, packings
Carbon dies (molds), carbon heaters, and other general carbon products
Heaters, crucibles, hot press dies, metallurgical devices, furnace parts, carbon for electrical applications
Our company's sumi series products
No-miss all-purpose cooking pots and plates, made by carving out a block of carbon

When heated, these products emit far-infrared radiation comparable to that of a charcoal fire, making it possible for anyone to cook a wide variety of food with a great taste.

Unlike a charcoal fire, there is no need for the bother of building a fire. The fluorine coating means they are burn-resistant, and healthy because no oil is needed.

Meat is browned on the outside and tender and juicy on the inside. Vegetables are tender without letting their precious moisture escape, which makes for an amazing texture.

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