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We are the company which develops and manufactures the “Wing Bend Series” of bending dies for press brakes 

We develop, design, manufacture and sell peripherals for machine tools and manufacture bending dies. Our Wing Bend Series bending dies for press brakes can be used to solve issues (scratches, deformation, and trouble) that occur when processing sheet metal.

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Product information
Wing Bend series (high-precision, high-quality bending dies)
(1) Wing Bend (WB)
This is a bending mold that eliminates issues that can occur during sheet metal processing such as scratches, deformation around holes, and hypotenuse bulging during bending. This enables the work that is involved in preparation and postprocessing to be reduced. It can also be used to process clean short flanges (for example, AL 2.0T short flange 6.75 mm), and no additional time is required to cut the work material after bending. This method supports a wide range of plate thicknesses and reduces the time required for die replacement.
(2) Wing Bend Plus (WBP)
 WBP offers all the good qualities of Wing Bend, along with higher quality bending. It is a multipurpose rotary bending mold that is ideal for stainless steel and copper processing and does not cause scratches, not even rub marks or die and mold-split scratches.
[Processed plate thickness range]
	                 Width   	 Height      Range of working thickness
WBP120	    19 mm	  90.3 mm	0.3–1.2 mm
WBP230   	28 mm	  90.3 mm	0.3–2.3 mm
WBP350	        41 mm	  90.3 mm	0.3–3.5 mm
WBP650S/650	66 mm 	100.3 mm	0.5–6.5 mm
Standard mold length: 50/100/200/500 mm

Demos of the Wing Bend series and test bending are available at any time.
Spalcon series (spiral conveyor)
A reliable and highly durable discharge conveyor/sparcon series that uses the rotation of special toughened springs for driving force. There are two types; one for built-in machine tools and one for transportation outside the factory.
Machining productivity has been dramatically improved with performance not found in conventional products!
Freely designed inside/outside discharge conveyor that can be used to meet a variety of requests
Space saving and simple structure
Conveys a wide variety of chips
UP discharge, compression, and drainage
Separation of cutting chips and machining fluid
Freely designed inside/outside discharge conveyor
 that can be used to meet a variety of requests
“Shuttle Guard” (Telescopic cover)
Protects the machine from the chips scattered when various machine tools are operating. To use the power (motion) of the machine itself, the machine must be light and smooth, with high durability.
Thin = special SUS material, metal wiper
Light = weight reduced by 30% 
Fast = allows high-speed movement
Structure design that is hard to break = W pantograph
Screw and post covers (metal expanding-type covers)
A metal expandable dustproof cover that protects drive parts such as ball screws in machine tools and posts in presses.
Expandable spiral shape
Helps with dust prevention, disaster prevention, and accuracy maintenance
Easy installation and compact size
Excellent durability
Highly accurate finishing
Guaranteed safety
Speedy delivery

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