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We propose air cushioning materials, packaging materials and machines, and logistics equipment.

We supply the industry's first sugarcane-derived bioplastic air cushioning material.
This is a revolutionary product that reduces CO2 emissions just by using it.

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Biomass plastic air cushioning material
An environmentally friendly cushioning material for high-mix small-lot production
The number of home deliveries with internet sales has increased, and BtoC shipments have grown rapidly in addition to conventional BtoB distribution. Such shipments require cushioning materials to protect products. However, the mainstream cushioning materials are produced overseas with thorough cost reduction through mass production and mass consumption, and there are not many options to choose from. This situation does not match the reality of high-mix low-production and does not capture needs in Japan. 

Our biomass plastic film air cushioning was developed to deal with this situation. Biomass plastic is a type of green plastic made from plant resources. In our case, we use a raw material derived from molasses: sugarcane residue after refining of dietary sugar. Replacing petroleum allows us to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and save oil resources. It can be reused with plant-origin plastics, and the cushioning can be recycled. The resulting cushioning material is environmentally friendly and accommodates the individual needs of the customer, such as printing an original logo on the surface. 
Environmentally friendly just by using it
There are several manufacturers of air cushioning materials in Japan and overseas, but we are the only company that tackles Japan’s environmental problems and realizes CO2 reduction as originally intended. 

Prevalent biodegradable film cushioning materials decompose and return to the soil when buried in the earth as a CO2 reduction effort. However, this feature is not utilized in the Japanese environment, as more than 95% of waste is incinerated. With our product CO2 is already reduced by 10% during production because it uses molasses as a raw material. It is also accredited to display the Biomass Mark, which guarantees reliability and high environmental performance. We have actually received many comments from our business partners, telling us they achieved CO2 reduction targets for environmental problems and CO2 reduction. Customers tell us they are glad to have helped fight global warming. 
An easy-to-use rental system even to individuals
We put great emphasis on being considerate to the environment, and also to users. Our company has developed cushioning-making machines and offers a machine rental system so users can make cushioning materials anywhere in the quantity they need, without any initial investment. This service has been favorably received by users. This is because they can reduce warehouse charges and transportation costs by making the cushioning materials on the spot, instead of preparing them beforehand. There are also demands from companies that are considering CtoC transactions and small-scale online sales. We believe that this market will grow further in the future. 


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