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Latest update: 29/01/2020 13:37:25

Unipulse Corporation

Creating uniquemeasuring instruments through original ideas and technologies

Our company is a one-stop supplier of torque/force/displacement measuring technologies and manufactures a wide range of products, such as rotational torque meters, high-rigidity load cells, gripping force meters, electric torque actuators, various robots, and electric balancers.

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Introduction to business content, products, and technology etc.
Business content and characteristics
By taking full advantage of sensors that measure pressure, gripping force, rotational force, multi-component power, vibration, etc., our company supplies highly accurate stable products in multiple fields, including electronics, physics, computers, communications, optics, machinery, and production, as well as research, testing, and logistics. In particular, our product has become the standard device in the field of weighing indicators for configuring various automatic scales that use load cells for weight measurement. Furthermore, our load indicators have proven useful on a wide range of manufacturing floors as it helps the users manufacture only good (non-defective)products*.
*The load indicator is used in the product acceptance test to monitor dynamic load changes during the press-fitting, caulking, and pressing by FA-related automatic machines where load cells are used for measuring loads.
Business conent and characteristics
Our sensor technology applied products include pressor sensors, gripping force sensors, multi-component force sensors, and vibration sensors. We have a technological advantage in electronics/physics/computer/communications/optics/machine fields and we have released many products in the production/research/logistics fields. Regarding sales, we try to communicate with the users more through direct sales, without relying on trading companies, which allowed us to realize detailed services. For overseas sales in the critical regions, we have set up sales companies as subsidiaries and strive to improve repair and other services in foreign countries. Our new business, the electric torque actuator, is Japan’s first motion control actuator that has a torque servo function that helps improve the compatibility with its user.
About business matching
Our company develops and sells new products such as rotational torque meters, high-rigidity load cells, gripping force meters, electric torque actuators, robots, and electric balancers. Since the actuator-related products have high potential and need more capital, we set up Robotec Inc., as a subsidiary and transferred the business to make a fresh start. Unipulse will position this as the second founding period, promote reform, and transform itself into a better company for customers and employees. The newly founded Robotec will also release technology that is a first for both Japan and the world. Please watch out for  the progress of the Unipulse Group moving forward.

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