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Latest update: 03/04/2020 16:37:21


A group of experts of consigned processing for mass-production specializing in NC lathe processing, screw rolling, and center-less grinding

We use the NC combined lathe processing enhanced through the auto parts industry and other know-how on processing to make optimum proposals from materials to engineering methods. 
In recent years, we have introduced paper-less and IoT styles for our operation monitoring system and have also been focusing on using robots.

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Sales Pitch

The three reasons why customers choose us
Commitment to high precision and well-organized attitudes
We process metal parts that require precision at the level of microns daily. 
If we aim for perfection in every part, the amount of labor increases and, as a result, the cost also increases; however, we constantly try to process products in a well-organized manner, therefore, we understand the functionality of the parts and, for example, boldly cut the parts that do not require precision.
Comprehensive handling from procurement of materials to special processing
After production and processing, we can also perform thermal treatment, surface treatment, and the final processing as required. After treatment, we make sure to perform acceptance inspections to confirm that the quality is maintained; then, we deliver the products with various types of evidence attached.
Ability to make proposals
We, based on our know-how on processing, make proposals for optimum processes. 
We, based on the drawings of the customer, create our own drawings in-house for the processing and make clear the points of management.
The technology only we can provide
The "process capability" nobody can replicate. We create new drawings for each process to enhance the quality.
Based on thorough discussions, we add VA/VE proposals to the drawings provided to us and renew them into optimum forms. In addition, by creating drawings for each process, we have organized a system with which we can provide even higher quality products without any error. 
[VA (Value Analysis)]
We analyze existing products and make proposals for maintaining quality and for cutting cost. 
[VE (Value Engineering)]
We review materials, processing methods, costs, and so forth from the designing phase and propose optimum methods.
From designing to production and inspection
[1. Taking orders]
Based on the drawings of the product, we have meetings about the products we are going to process. 
[2. Designing processing]
We use CAD to design the processes for the processing. We, if necessary, make proposals for VE and optimize the processing method at the designing stage. 
[3. Test production]
We make test products before mass production and, together with the customer, repeat careful checks. 
[4. VA proposal]
We review the materials and the processing again and make proposals for cost cutting without damaging the quality of the products. 
[5. Production]
We consider the temperature and other various elements to make production by units of 0.001mm. 
[6. Inspection]
We conduct performance inspection and assurance inspection thoroughly to strictly check the products one by one. 
[7. Delivery]
We deliver the products that have passed our inspections within the deadline without fail.

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