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Latest update: 20/08/2020 18:22:01

Art Kagaku Co., Ltd.

Science evolves because of novel ideas born from enquiring minds

We manufacture and sell scientific instruments and physicochemical equipment. We engage in fundamental research and offer contract research and testing with the aim of creating functional ceramic materials. We support all kinds of research and development using unique technology to realize ideas.

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Sales Pitch

Design and production of laboratory equipment
Testing equipment and research facility manufacturing flow
 Please let us know the type of device/jig required by you in terms of concept, budget, and delivery date, and our technical sales and design department will contact you.
 for a consultation. After careful discussions, we will provide a design for your concept.
 Before we begin manufacturing the equipment, we use 3D CAD software to provide three-dimensional (3D) models to eliminate any chance of misunderstanding with our customers.

Processing technology
 We offer highly accurate resin processing, and manufacture experimental equipment and jigs that combine metals, glass, and ceramics.
 We are capable of high-precision three-dimensional resin processing, and we also manufacture various devices that use a combination of materials, including metals.
 In addition to the production of engineering models, we also offer speedy support for high-mix low-volume orders.

Research devices: production examples
 Hydrogen production equipment/electrostatic levitation chambers/vacuum equipment/vacuum glove boxes/atomic pyrolysis equipment/exhaust carts/exhaust sets
 /vacuum dryers/glove boxes/dry glove boxes/photocatalyst evaluation devices/electric furnaces/control plates/hot plates for use with samples
 /humidification tanks 

Research facilities: production examples
 IS process experimental plant for hydrogen production/toxic/corrosive gas exhaust ducts/laboratory ducts/scrubbers/piping/small-scale drainage facilities
Physicochemical and industrial equipment
We offer the tools and equipment that are required for laboratory work and monozukuri craftsmanship.

Product examples
Research equipment/all equipment (sieving scoops, wafer trays, and wafer adsorption plates)
Measuring equipment (liquid filling jigs)
Environmental measuring instruments (vacuum desiccators for sampling)
Heat-related equipment (stainless steel hot plates)
Facilities/storage/transportation equipment (acrylic vacuum desiccators and acrylic transparent elbows)
Vessels/containers (beaker carrying containers and polyethylene shielding containers)
Nuclear-related equipment (stainless steel scissors for MS operation, PTFE vessels, and glass batch holders)
Creation and supply of functional materials
Our Research and Development Department conducts basic research that aims to create new ceramic-based functional materials with controlled nanostructures and develops their applications. 
The expression of the function is realized by controlling the morphology as zero-dimensional, one-dimensional, two-dimensional, and three-dimensional materials using the precursor method. Based on the structure designed at the nano–micro level, we aim to develop ceramic-based composite materials with new functions, photocatalysts, and materials that can be used as energy conversion materials such as dye-sensitized solar cells.

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