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Latest update: 03/04/2020 16:37:20

Koizumi Kagaku Kogyosho Co., Ltd.

A factory in Ibaraki Prefecture specializing in alumite General alumite, white alumite, black alumite, rigid alumite, conductive alumite, etc.

Our main business is alumite processing for aluminum and aluminum alloys. Our main products are mass-produced products such as vehicle equipment and products for which precision is important such as medical equipment. We also handle test products, etc., that come in high-mix and small lots.

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Strong points of Koizumi Kagaku Kogyosho
High quality finishing
Customers are happy with quality. 
We process products one by one before delivery; for example, the products on which we place importance on the alumite processing, and products for which the alumite processing requires functionality. 
In addition, since we process each item by hand, we can handle even a single piece. 
[Industries we supply]
Automotive-related industries, medical care related industries (dentists), construction machines, building materials, etc.
Coping with a wide range of materials
Our company specializes in alumite. We can process almost all expansile materials, cast products, and die cast alloys. 
・ Expansile material alloy - system 1000 
・ Expansile material alloy - system 2000 (duralumin) 
・ Expansile material alloy - system 5000 
・ Expansile material alloy - system 6000 
・ Expansile material alloy - system 7000 (extra super duralumin) 
・ Aluminum casting - AC4C 
・ Aluminum casting - AC7A 
・ Aluminum die cast - ADC6 
・ Aluminum die cast - ADC12, etc.
Sizes we can handle
We can handle small, medium, and large sizes.
10mm to approx. 900 x 1500
Same-day handling, super-fast handling
We handle super-fast projects to satisfy customers who have tight deadlines. 
We can deliver on the same day depending on the product and amount. As a first step, please contact us.
Quality policy
ISO9001:2015 certification acquired
・ We specify our quality targets and review them so that we can achieve our quality policy. 
・ We will accurately capture requests from customers to enhance their satisfaction. 
・ We perform continuous improvement activities for our quality management system.
Environmental policy
We contribute to the local society by way of processing that considers safety and the environment. 
・ Conforming to the RoHS directive
・ Conforming to the REACH regulation