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Latest update: 22/06/2023 12:27:06

Tekhne Corporation 

Our experts in gaseous moisture management create a future where moisture is more familiar

In addition to manufacturing dew point meters, we provide oxygen concentration meters, CO2 meters, thermohygrometers, and anemometers, manufacture control panels, and design and manufacture embedded devices for equipment manufacturers. Applications are growing in various industries, such as air conditioning equipment and air environment measurement, plant factories, and weather measurement.

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Overview of products and services
Design, manufacture, and sale of control panels, measurement units, special-shaped equipment, etc.
We manufacture and sell measurement control panels and measurement units that are optimal for use on site.
We also respond to requests to entrust moisture management all at once, or to install the meter on the existing equipment as it is.

Dew point meter TK-100 series
Cooled mirror dew point meter (mirror type)
Precision humidifier
Manufacture of various devices and control panels
Humidifier, dryer unit, filter business, etc.
Measuring with a meter is important, but if we can control the moisture itself, we can greatly increase its reliability by combining it with a meter.
To put it in extreme terms, the instrument itself may become unnecessary. In this way, we focus on the generation of moisture itself.
Future vision
Dew point meter technology has remained unchanged for decades, so we believe it is our responsibility to lead the development of new technology. New technology allows for more precise humidity control and increased production efficiency.
Humidity is an essential indicator for industry, but in reality, humidity is difficult to understand in the area of trace moisture, so it tends to be avoided.
Our vision is to realize a future where moisture management is a matter of course. Through humidity control and research, we would like to contribute to our customers' production efficiency and technological innovation.

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