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Latest update: 20/08/2020 18:22:03

Fukuchikenso Co., Ltd.

Development division of high performance and healthy homes “House of fas”

“House of fas” operates nationwide and is engaged in research and development into high-performance, healthy housing. As of April 2018, there were 3,903 “House of fas” homes across the country. Fas works with about 200 construction companies nationwide.

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Six features of “Fas House”
1. Air purification: a solid ventilating function that creates clean air
Our “heat exchange type ventilation fans” bring in outside air, which is at room temperature, from the ceiling, allowing clean air to circulate throughout the house as it rises through the ventilation layers in the walls. In addition, laying the natural material “Fas silica” under the floor helps to absorb formaldehyde, tobacco odor, and organic gas pollutants, reducing problems such as sick building syndrome. Negative ions are also generated, and the refreshing air that is created feels just like being in a forest, protecting the health of the inhabitants and the structure of your home. We also offer optional filters with higher dust collection performance.
2. Humidity control function - Durable humidity-control function for protecting the house-structure and human health
“House of fas” homes control humidity with a combination of an “AI kit” healthy air circulation system and our “Fas silica” air purifying humidity control agent, which is laid under the floor. This maintains humidity ranging 40%–60%, where pathogenic bacteria are unlikely to occur. When the humidity in the air is high, “Fas silica” stores water, and when the air is dry, it offers humidity control performance that is seven times that of charcoal. Condensation is also minimized, and regardless of the season, a moderately moist and comfortable environment is maintained. It also prevents structural corrosion by preventing the house from becoming damp.
3. High airtightness and thermal insulation         High airtightness and thermal insulation to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
“House of fas” homes are doubly insulated internally and externally to reduce heat loss from the wooden parts such as pillars that are in contact with the outer wall because the internal heat-insulating material inside the wall does not easily deteriorate over time, which maintains the temperature of the room like a thermos. Our houses use “Fasboard K” on the outside and “Airclara” spray insulation on the inside to achieve both airtightness and insulation. In addition, the Fas Homes take all possible measures to prevent heat loss from windows using a “dedicated sash (window),” made from a heat-insulating resin sash + a double layer of glass containing argon gas.
4. Strong against earthquakes: all-encompassing measures against earthquakes Earthquake-absorbing structure that enables you to live with a sense of security.
“House of fas” homes are solidly assembled using a wooden frame construction method and exhibit strength that is equal to or higher than that of standard houses. Furthermore, we apply “Airclara” resin foam insulation between the foundation and the base of the house, which provides a soft bond between the outer walls, base, and foundation and allows flexibility in response to seismic tremors.
Since “House of fas” was created (1989), our buildings have remained undamaged even in cases of severe earthquakes.
5. Energy Saving/Eco-friendliness - Energy saving/eco-friendly function that is good for the environment and household budget.
We have adopted eco-electrification specifications that offer a variety of functional and environmental benefits such as easy humidity control, good energy efficiency, no-combustion gas generation, and reduced CO2 emissions. “House of fas” homes offer excellent airtightness and heat insulation and offer refreshing “healthy air” at the right temperature and humidity; therefore, the evenly-spread warmth and coolness that is unique to eco-electricity can spread to every corner of the house.  We have adopted heat pump equipment that can effectively utilize the heat in the air in our air conditioning (air conditioners) and hot water supply (EcoCute).
6. Running costs of heating and cooling        Efficient heating and cooling made possible by “Fas”
“House of fas” homes use ceiling-mounted air conditioners to heat and cool the entire house. By creating a flow of air that passes through the ventilation layer provided in the wall of the building, which is well protected by a highly airtight and highly insulated structure, the house can be maintained at an appropriate temperature. This system has excellent cost performance and can cool and heat with a single device to improve the energy efficiency and reduce the waste. The cost of the time spent adjusting the thermal environment can also be reduced.