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Latest update: 05/02/2020 14:39:57

Tohoku Miyoshi Industry Co.,Ltd.

Press molds, precision sheet metal, large housings, vacuum devices, production line assembly

We support Japan's Monozukuri craftsmanship by taking advantage of our technology networking, technology for designing and machining press molds, and technology for precision sheet metal that contributes to international competitiveness. We make use of large housing technology that brings together the technology we have built up with the latest equipment, and vacuum technology for vacuum furnaces and vacuum chambers.

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Assembly of production lines for making press molds, precision sheet metal, large housing manufacturing, and vacuum devices
Press molds
- Technology for designing and machining press molds
- Molds are a basic technology that supports Japan's industrial abilities. Original mold design is produced by analyzing skilled techniques by computer and fusing them with a new 3D space.
Precision sheet metal
- Precision sheet metal technology that helps increase Japan's international competitiveness
- By far the most important factors in judging the quality of a product are product reliability and durability. Skilled expertise and advanced production control are needed to support them. The production factory in charge of each part should recognize its role fully and increase its expertise so that the completed products will be internationally competitive. We take pride in our efforts and track record in this area.
Large housings, vacuum devices
- Large housing technology, vacuum furnaces, vacuum chambers, and other vacuum technology that brings together the technology we have built up with the latest equipment
- Technical innovations never cease. Advances in technology are born by constantly building up technology. Human behavioral psychology is analyzed in terms of engineering and brought together with technology to evolve toward the world of psycho-engineering, which is attracting attention as a new science. One of our goals is to produce technical development that makes leaps toward the future.

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