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Latest update: 20/08/2020 18:21:58

shimamori dact.

Integrated support for local exhaust emission control, design, construction, and maintenance in accordance with the regulations laid out in the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health for organic solvent work environments

We provide integrated support for occupational health and safety regulations for environments that work with organic solvents by providing local exhaust emission control, design, construction, and maintenance.
We create environments in which workers can work safely and securely by implementing local exhaust measures in accordance with laws and regulations such as emission control measures, the Industrial Safety and Health Act, and other regulations to prevent organic solvent poisoning, health disorders, exposure to harmful substances, and damage from specific chemical substances.

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Measures to support local exhaust ventilation, including design, construction, and maintenance, in accordance with the Occupational Safety and Health Act.
Ventilation/local exhaust design, construction work, and maintenance
Negative pressure issues in factories: compressor exhaust heat, hot air and humidity countermeasures, dealing with steam produced by kneaders, rotary kilns, and washing machines
Smoke exhaust from fryers, air supply/exhaust hoods for kitchens, painting booths, and air supply/exhaust ducts for draft chambers
Ventilation measures for organic solvents, for the interiors of indoor barbecue, yakitori, and other types of restaurant, and for kitchen ventilation
Powder (wood chips and iron powder) dust, oil smoke/oil mist dust, and welding fume smoke dust
Regular inspection of blowers and ducts, replacement of V-belts, bearings, and dampers
Air conditioning work
Manufacturing with constant temperature and humidity and simple clean room environments
Air conditioning measures such as office humidification, library dehumidification, hay fever control air conditioning, and server room air conditioning.
Noise reduction work
Noise reduction measures for blowers and ducts and noise reduction measures for machine rooms

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