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Latest update: 15/10/2021 07:38:26

Ishitoshi Machining Inc.

We can solve your problems of trial manufacturing parts processing!

We manufacture and sell dies and molds, machinery to produce ceramics, and offer parts production for a variety of industrial equipment. We apply the expertise and technology that we have accumulated in roof tile manufacturing to other fields to manufacture custom-made devices and prototype parts that are not suitable for mass production such as mechanical automotive parts, jigs for evaluating automotive parts, ships, rolling stock, and prototype processing of machine tool parts.

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Prototype parts manufacturing business
<We utilize an expertise of metal processing gathered over a half-century to move into trial manufacturing>
 We have been designing and manufacturing dies, molds, and presses for more than half a century, and we have a rich expertise in metal processing and mechanical, electrical, and control technologies. These technologies are indispensable in all types of monozukuri craftsmanship. Simultaneously, these technologies enable us to handle a wide range of products that have never existed before. We are developing new product fields by utilizing our existing assets of technology and expertise to create complete pieces of equipment.
Tile press machine/tile-mold business
<Maintaining traditions in technological innovation that leads to the future>
 The Mikawa region of Aichi Prefecture is one of the three largest roof tile producing areas in Japan. For about 70 years since our forefathers’ generation, we have been making machines and molds that are indispensable for roof tiles and tile production, and we have contacts at more than 90% of the tile manufacturers nationwide. Ishitoshi Industry Co., Ltd. maintains its traditions and engages in ongoing technological innovation to meet customer expectations.
Aerospace parts development business
<In 2020, Ishitoshi Industry will lift off into space. We have developed CubeSat (an ultracompact artificial satellite) using an integrated frame milled from a single block of aluminum>
 It is a small satellite that measures only 10 cm2 and weighs approximately 1 kg. This is CubeSat (an ultracompact artificial satellite). Its simplicity is the result of extensive development not only by traditional spacefaring countries but also by a large number of companies and groups aiming to enter the space industry, and the global market for CubeSat is currently showing drastic growth.
 Ishitoshi Industry is the exclusive developer of the integrated frame that is milled from a single block of aluminum that forms a core part of the CubeSat. This is our MBF [Mono Base Frame].
[Production case] Production of stirring blades without a blueprint
Request content
 We were approached by a company that we have been working with for a long time. They said, “we want to manufacture precision stirring blades; however, we do not have a design blueprint and cannot find a contractor that can handle it.” They explained that the blades that they currently use are manually adjusted by their craftsmen, implying that there are no designs that accurately show the blades after their adjustment. They said that they were worried that the lack of blueprints would mean that the blades could not be reproduced by machining.
[Reverse engineering]
 To analyze blade shapes, we convert them to digital data using a noncontact 3D laser digitizer. Based on these data, we make designs that divide the blade and the main body (boss) and process each section as an individual part.
[Five-axis machining center]
 Combining each part is highly complicated because it involves diagonal parts that are peculiar to the agitator. Using a five-axis machining center allows each part to be connected without shifting its position. Dynamic balance, which is a concern during rotation, is kept within a level where precision adjustment is not required.
Results/client testimonials
 We were very pleased to have been able to manufacture the parts within budget and without the requirement for complicated shapes and blueprints. Subsequently, we were also asked to produce vanes of different sizes.


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