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Latest update: 04/08/2022 08:39:35

Sanko Electric Co., Ltd.

Are you satisfied with your current EMS?
 Sanko Electric Co., Ltd. aims to achieve a higher level of with our “EMS that supports monzukuri craftsmanship for things and ideas.”

Since we were founded in 1951 under a slogan of “providing technologies that are reliable and satisfactory to our customers,”
we have been meeting our customers’ needs by providing contract manufactured electronic substrates and wire harnesses.
However, as today’s needs shift from “things” to “ideas,” “function” alone is no longer sufficient to ensure successful sales,
and the “utility” of the thing must be conveyed to consumers.
To respond to such changes, we provide proposals and develop “kotozukuri” designs that meet the existing requirements. 
and we engage in “mono/kotozukuri,” the combination of kotozukuri and monozukuri craftsmanship. 
Bringing EMS to a higher level... We are promoting what we call “EMS+.”

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Sales Pitch

Three STEPs responsible EMS+ "monozukuri craftsmanship for things and ideas"
STEP-1: Connecting the Dots
We create new value and ideas by connecting the dots.
Our products and their functionality are widely recognized, and our goal is to offer new value that meets the needs of society, which can be achieved by integrating “other functions,” with “other services,” and “other technologies,” as well as “combining functions across industrial sectors” and so on. 
STEP-2:Start with why
At STEP-1, we create new function and value by connecting multiple points; however, this does not make any sense if the points are connected thoughtlessly.
We will devise proposals by considering what type of things can be done and what kind of experience consumers can have when they use the functions and values, that is, the "meaning" that occurs when consumers buy things.
Taking the example of the development of a new high-function camera, for which various points are combined. Rather than attracting consumers with statements about its physical features such as “clear photos can be shot using this high-spec camera,” it is more effective to attract them with experiences such as “receives many likes on social media.”
STEP-3:Make a story
Good “kotozukuri” schemes from STEP-01 and 02 would not make any sense unless they are accompanied by “monozukuri craftsmanship” technologies that help to materialize such schemes.
Clearly telling the “kotozukuri” story making is necessary to achieve this. Our “design concept” is part of this.
It applies to design information, and to design quality that can satisfy consumers’ needs, which constitute the basis for commercialization. Focusing on this design concept, we advance with “monozukuri craftsmanship” and “kotozukuri.”
Technical capabilities responsible for "manufacturing"
Sixty-nine years of experience since start of business
Since our foundation, we have been engaged in the manufacture of electronic substrates and harnesses, and we have since become involved in the manufacture of electronic equipment components, such as electrical components, for cooling/heating equipment, machine tools, medical machinery, automobiles and motorcycles.
We continue to provide high-quality EMS without stopping progress so as to meet the needs of the times and of our customers, which are changing every minute.

We provide a one-stop shop for the manufacture of high-quality products
 We provide an integrated system that runs from design and development to trial manufacture, verification, materials and parts procurement, production, inspection, shipping, and transport.

We also accept high-mix low-volume production
 We accept production orders from single pieces upwards.

Substrate mounting using the most advanced equipment
 Having introduced the most advanced surface mounting equipment, 3D image inspection machines (equipped with AI learning function) and so on, we have established a higher-quality and higher-efficiency production system.

Response to high density mounting
 In response to the downsizing of electronic components that has been brought about by the downsizing of electronic units and devices, we have been improving our technological skills in mounting and inspection. We can offer the mounting of small components, such as 0603, even onto BGA-type packages.

Response to unit assembly
 Combining in-house mounting substrates and harnesses, we offer everything from large control boxes to small controller units.
Smart factory incorporating IoT
In 2016, we started our improvement activities under a slogan of “building a profitable factory to achieve a competitive company.”
After laying the groundwork through measures such as creating an environment for comfortable work and a stable production environment based on production plans, we introduced IT tools that we developed independently.
Using tablets, process and product quality data are entered on a system that was created and developed as a result of a trial and error process by our factory staff. Such data can be shown instantly on large screen monitors and personal computers for process progress confirmation on a real time basis. It is paperless thanks to the use of tablets for data entry.
To solve problems on site in ways that are appropriate for the operation by process, singular systems are developed in an agile manner, resulting in our existing lineup of 12 systems.
The data collected daily on-site are output in the form of production and product quality reports. We utilize such data for future improvement of the site. In addition to the “visualization” of the site, it enables site managers to see a step ahead based on real-time data from the site, enabling early detection of problems through “envisaging.”
Movie about the introduction of a smart factory, now showing:

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